Enhanced IT Service Management (ITSM)

IT service management focuses on improving the customer experience by fundamentally changing how IT services are delivered. Does your ITSM platform do that?
  • Decrease MTTR
  • Increase MTBF
  • Real Time Service Mapping

Capabilities to support the evolving needs of modern IT

Virima Enhanced ITSM is more than your generic helpdesk tool. It is an ITSM solution designed to take the powerful capabilities of Virima Discovery and Service Mapping and apply them to the service management processes where your team can use the insights from this data to drive real business value.

Are you looking to transform a help desk into a true service delivery accelerator? Or are you ready to ramp-up your service desk’s maturity with ITIL® processes? No matter where your company is on their IT journey, the right ITSM solution can help you go from always playing catch-up to driving real innovation for the business. As your organization matures, Virima ITSM solutions will grow with you, helping you deliver consistent operational value for all of your IT and business services.

Integrated ITSM Solutions

Virima Enhanced ITSM is a powerful marriage of Discovery, CMDB, app dependency and web service topology mapping, project management and ITIL® certified service management. Easily and efficiently digitize IT infrastructure, automate and manage ITSM processes and improve visibility with auto-discovered relationship mapping capabilities.

Virima ITSM Serivce Mapping Flow VIRIMA Discovery Cloud Services Office(s) Data Center(s) VIRIMA CMDB ProblemManagement ChangeManagement ReleaseManagement ConfigurationManagement Project Management Self-service Portal IncidentManagement Service Catalog RequestManagement KnowledgeManagement Service Mapping
Virima ITSM Service Mapping Flow mobile VIRIMA Discovery Cloud Services Office(s) Data Center(s) VIRIMA CMDB ProblemManagement ChangeManagement ReleaseManagement ConfigurationManagement ProjectManagement Self-service Portal IncidentManagement Service Catalog RequestManagement KnowledgeManagement Service Mapping
Relationship Map from Virima App

Visibility is Power

A picture is worth a thousand words – with Virima’s dependency mapping and visualization capabilities, your organizations will have a detailed view of incidents, problems, and changes to help mitigate risk and quickly identify problems. It’s great to have a picture, but the real value comes from having a real time picture that enables you to see where the problem is, what is causing it, what services are down and who is impacted.

With VIRIMA Enhanced ITSM your staff will be able to quickly identify changes and dependencies in the infrastructure impacting downstream business services. This helps you resolve incidents more quickly, assess business impact and communicate with stakeholders more effectively, and make changes in your IT environment more safely.

Relationship Map from Virima App

Why VIRIMA Enhanced ITSM?

Virima helps you deliver outstanding customer experiences and improved IT infrastructure management.

Other ITSM providers start with processes and the infrastructure data in the system is secondary. Virima looks at ITSM differently and brings a data-first approach to your service management function.  Building on the robust capabilities of Discovery and CMDB, Virima Enhanced ITSM gives your service management staff the dynamic views to understand both the big picture and all of the granular details of what’s in your environment and how the various pieces fit together.

  • Easy, intuitive solutions that accelerate time to value for your service management functions
  • Integrated CMDB and Automated Asset Discovery and Service Mapping that are unmatched in the industry
  • Move from a reactionary support model to a truly proactive support center with Dynamic Service Maps that allow you to quickly find the issue
  • Decision support and auditing capabilities with comprehensive reporting
  • ITILv3 (2011) Pink Verified for SACM, Change, Incident, Problem, Request Fulfillment, Knowledge, Release & Project Management
  • Integrated solutions that support your business needs of today and prepare you for tomorrow’s challenge
  • Tie change and release requests to impacted assets/services
  • Publish planned changes to organizational change calendar
  • Validate device configuration changes against approved change requests
  • Reduce MTTR with the combined power of Virima ITSM and Virima Discovery

Key Virima Enhanced ITSM Features

  • Service desk
  • Self-service portal
  • Service catalog
  • Business service mapping
  • Automatic relationship mapping
  • Customizable dashboards and support
  • Dynamic visualizations
  • Asset discovery
  • Runbook automation
  • Knowledge management
  • Service asset and configuration management
  • Enhanced change management
  • Enhanced problem management
  • Enhanced incident management
  • Customizable change workflows
  • Event management with 3rd party integrations

Top ITSM Use Cases

Change Management

Change Management

When it comes to evaluating change management software, Virima sets the bar for flexibility, breadth of features, ease of use, and outstanding value. It truly puts you in control.


IT Service Management

With Virima ITSM, your service delivery will improve, IT ops and security will have the information they need to keep you running efficiently and securely and responding to compliance and financial audits will be easier than ever before.

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