Virima V6.0 will soon be available with an all-new look, enhanced discovery, mapping and vulnerability features and more. Stay tuned!

Configuration Management Database

Virima provides a modern, user-friendly, visual configuration management database (CMDB) experience that is ITIL-compliant and flexible enough to allow for automated tasks via granular business rules.

Virima CMDB leverages automated discovery to populate and maintain accurate data while dashboards and ViVID Services Maps provide insightful CMDB visualizations of asset relationships, service dependencies, and availability status.


CMDB Automation

One place for all your assets, whether automatically discovered or imported. Virima IT Discovery keeps up with changes and insightful visualizations and dashboards make the configuration management data accessible to broad audiences.

Make Factual Decisions

Eliminate the guesswork by having the IT dots connected for you by our change management tools. Virima CMDB turns reliable data into actionable insights to fuel effective, timely decisions.

Enhance ITAM, ITSM, and ITOM

Accurate and complete data is foundational to just about every ITOps, SecOps, and DevOps-related activity. Virima CMDB provides the necessary data to enhance all the CMDB and asset management core functions.

How Virima CMDB works


ViVID Service Maps

  • Dynamic and filterable visualizations of complex CMDB relationships in CMDB asset discovery
  • Automatic application dependency and service mapping
  • Holistic infrastructure relationships and network topology views
  • Communication view shows flow and port numbers of host to host communications, including “ghosts machines” not in the CMDB
  • DevOps-style service topology views
  • All views include an overlay of ITSM incidents and changes to help identify the cause of issues and plan for change

CMDB Automation

  • Leverage Virima IT Discovery to populate and maintain the database with accurate data
  • Build reusable import templates to ingest structured data from CSV files to automatically link to asset records
  • Create granular business rules to automate the promotion of specific blueprint updates to the enterprise CMDB
  • Automatic processing of dependency mapping and synchronization to external databases
  • Automated CMDB allows intelligent asset classification and organization

A True, Visual CMDB

  • ITIL-compliant Service Asset and Configuration Management
  • Easy to follow review processes ensure a pristine Configuration Database
  • Track hundreds of hardware and software configuration attributes for data center, edge, cloud and IoT assets
  • Over 120 pre-defined and configurable asset blueprints
  • Full audit history and versioning of all configurable item (CI) updates
  • Every asset is linked to what it supports and is supported by
  • Insightful CMDB visualizations comprising data and relationships

Integrated solution

  • Seamless integration with Virima Discovery, ITAM, and ITSM
  • AWS and Azure integrations ensure cloud assets are included in the database
  • Sync all or selected Configuration Management data and Business Service Maps with external CMDBs such as ServiceNow, Cherwell and Jira
  • Support dozens of other integrations, including monitoring, alerting, warranty and event management systems

Consumable data

  • Customizable dashboards provide insightful CMDB information such as number of assets by blueprint, location, recently updated CI’s, migration status and software inventory
  • ViVID Service Maps visualize the big picture to reduce the guesswork of planning for change or responding to service disruptions
  • Ingestion of data from dozens of integrations ensures a complete Configuration database for better decisions
  • Powerful mining capabilities of CMDB data and reports aids in inventory, software license, security, and GRC audits

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