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Advanced infrastructure discovery, relationship mapping and visualization capabilities from Virima provide the tools you need to link your business processes to the technology and services they rely on. Equipped with this information, your IT staff will be able to make informed decisions that lower your IT costs and provide better service assurance to users.

Accurate CMDB data is essential

Whether developing new solutions or operating your current systems, your CMDB provides you with a complete and accurate understanding of what IT assets you have and how they are configured. The data in your CMDB is used to drive not only technical decisions but also help you understand IT costs, security risks, compliance requirements and improvement opportunities. Virima’s CMDB and Discovery capabilities give you the tools to manage even the most complex IT environments so you can be confident you understand the infrastructure and services supporting your business.

Service mapping is critical to supporting the business

IT assets create value when your employees, partners and customers use them to improve their productivity. Service mapping enables you to see how the various parts of your IT ecosystem fit together and what business processes are using them. Your IT teams need this information for service assurance, resource optimization and supporting essential ITSM processes like incident, problem and change management. Virima gives you a powerful set of capabilities for managing and visualizing service mappings to make the data in your CMDB actionable.

Relationship Map from Virima App

Top brands trust Virima

Industry leaders trust Virima to provide the capabilities they need to keep their IT systems up and running and their operations performing smoothly.

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The Problems with Your IT Problem Management – And How to Solve Them Cover

The Problems with
Your Problem Management And How to Solve Them


Maintain a true IT asset inventory with industry-leading discovery capabilities.


Assemble a holistic view of your enterprise and gain transparency to drive better decisions.


IT Asset Management. Gain total control of your IT assets from the data center to the edge and in the cloud.


Deliver service assurance and amazing experiences to wow your users.

Capabilities and use cases

IT Asset Discovery

IT Asset

  • Checkmark Seal Automatically discover IT asset inventory including physical, virtual & cloud assets
  • Checkmark Seal Track software license keys and usage
  • Checkmark Seal Respond to inventory, financial, security and compliance audits
Build A CMDB

the CMDB

  • Checkmark Seal Build trust and confidence in the CMDB
  • Checkmark Seal Enable consistent and reliable change management
  • Checkmark Seal Ensure current and complete information
Change Managment

IT Service Mapping

  • Checkmark Seal Understand infrastructure topology
  • Checkmark Seal Real Time Service Maps allow you to quickly see what services are being impacted
  • Checkmark Seal Create application and service dependency maps


Service Mapping

5 Key Business Benefits of Service Mapping

To understand the business value of service mapping, it’s important to shift to a service delivery mindset, rather than thinking about delivering infrastructure, equipment, software,

Truth - word from wooden blocks with letters, real facts truth concept, random letters around, white background
Service Mapping

Why Is A Service Map Critical?

Service mapping – the area of configuration management that perplexes so many IT professionals, yet that which provides the highest value in Configuration Management Database

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