Virima V6.0 will soon be available with an all-new look, enhanced discovery, mapping and vulnerability features and more. Stay tuned!

IT Discovery

Virima’s IT Asset Discovery software offers agentless IP-based scanning of both, your on-premise and cloud environments. It is fully integrated with Virima CMDB.

With its 100+ customizable probes and integration with cloud providers such as AWS and Azure, Virima IT Discovery allows you to automatically detect thousands of physical and virtual assets, hundreds of hardware configurations and virtually any installed software across Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac operating systems.

IT Discovery also provides Virima CMDB with the data to automatically compile dynamic ViVID Service Maps.


IT Discovery for Multiple Environments

Virima’s holistic IT asset discovery software for data  center, edge and cloud environments. The extendable probes automatically discover thousands of physical and virtual compute, network and storage assets.

Easy to Deploy IT Discovery App

Simply download the Virima IT Discovery app to a server you control and configure the scan parameters. Run immediate scans or set a schedule to see asset discovery and dependency modeling results in hours, not weeks.

Build a CMDB You Can Trust

Accurate and complete configuration details are critical when planning for change, responding to incidents or conducting an audit. You simply cannot rely on manual imports and updates to keep the CMDB current.

How Virima IT Discovery works


Secure Discovery

  • Virima IT Discovery app runs on servers you own and control
  • Your credentials are encrypted and never sent to the cloud
  • Data is encrypted and securely transmitted to AWS cloud
  • The IT asset tracking is based on a multi-tenant architecture with full data segregation and access controls
  • Certified AICPA SOC 2 Type 1 audited controls are in place

Agentless IT Discovery Tool

  • Easy to install and configure, no agents to deploy.
  • IP-based IT discovery tool. You select subnets and ranges to scan.
  • Hundreds of out of the box, extendable IT asset discovery probes & sensors.
  • Custom probe generator.
  • Automated with set and forget scheduling.
  • Intelligent design that won’t flood the network with “scan storms” or affect device performance
  • Scan details show where the IT discovery tool succeeded, where it failed, and why.

Broad Coverage

  • Data-center devices (i.e. servers, network, storage, load balancers)
  • Virtual (i.e. applications, virtual machines, hypervisors, containers, websites)
  • Edge (desktops, printers, IoT, etc.)
  • Cloud (AWS EC2 & Azure Virtual Machines, etc.)
  • Subnets for IP address management (IPAM)

Device-specific Hardware Details

  • Model & serial numbers
  • CPU, RAM, HD
  • Network adapters
  • Peripherals
  • BIOS, OS version
  • Relationships

Hundreds of OS attributes

  • OS version
  • Of the shelf software
  • Custom applications
  • Patches
  • Certificates
  • Listeners, processes, services

Seamless Integrations

Virima IT Discovery integrates with:

  • Virima CMDB, ITAM and ITSM
  • AWS and Azure
  • Hypervisors, network and storage APIs
  • Event and Alert Management
  • Third party ITSM and ITOM solutions

Use Cases

CMDB Concept Image

Build a CMDB

Do you feel like CMDB (configuration management database) is a puzzle you can’t solve because there’s no automatic way to build and maintain it?


Use Case 1

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CMDB Concept Image

Use Case 2

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Configuration Management

Use Case 3

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