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IT Asset Management

Go beyond simple IT asset inventory management tools and ordinary IT asset management software with Virima ITAM.

Virima ITAM offers the full-lifecycle hardware and software asset management you would expect and goes much further when paired with Virima Discovery, automated CMDB and ViVID Service Mapping.


Manage risk

There is no bigger risk than not knowing for sure what assets you have to support and secure. Build and maintain an accurate inventory of all your IT assets to gain true control over them.

Spend wisely

Identify underutilized hardware and software assets and reclaim or reallocate for maximum efficiency and savings. Make sure your most critical IT assets are well protected and don’t overspend for unnecessary support.

Become audit-proof

The next audit is always just around the corner. Be ready to answer with certainty and expediency when asked for your IT asset inventory, licensing, patch, security, financial governance, risk and compliance (GRC) reports.

How Virima ITAM works


ViVID Service Mapping

  • ITIL-compliant Virima CMDB for Configuration and Asset Management
  • Native integration with Virima’s powerful Discovery, ViVID Service Mapping and enhanced ITSM
  • Integrations with third-party ITSM platforms—ServiceNow, Cherwell, and Jira
  • ITAM inventory management integrations including system monitoring and security altering systems such as Solarwinds, LogicMonitor and Spiceworks
  • Warranty websites such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Cisco can also be integrated with Virima ITAM

IT Asset Lifecycle Management

  • Cradle-to-grave management of all data center, edge, cloud, stockroom, software and non-IT assets
  • Configurable status designations: i.e., requested, ordered, development, production, and decommissioned
  • Pair with Virima ITSM Request Fulfillment or other ITSM/procurement systems to handle approval and assignment of new IT assets
  • Track allocation and support ownership from initial assignment through hand-off to disposition

Software License Management

  • Track license entitlements against the actual number of software installs with device-level and ownership detail
  • Control costs by installing the Windows Discovery Agent for software license metering to identify and reclaim underutilized software
  • Be prepared for cost increases at the next enterprise software audit or have the evidence to challenge increases

Windows Discovery Agent

  • Schedule more frequent scanning of Windows operating systems versus Virima’s agentless asset discovery
  • Configure agent for more granular ITAM discovery of Windows OS settings
  • Track actual software usage for software metering reports to reclaim under utilized licenses
  • Use for Windows hosts that frequently roam or connect via slow or intermittent connections such as VPNs
  • Virima ITAM can also be used for endpoints that are often powered down or disconnected when not in use, which might be missed by agentless scans

Warranty and Support Coverage

  • Automatic warranty status look-up by serial number
  • Support for HP, Dell, Lenovo, Cisco and more
  • Link support and warranty documentation to individual assets and bulk purchases
  • Keep abreast of IT assets out of warranty, out of support and coming due for renewal

Vendor and Contract Management

  • Manage vendor service level agreements (SLAs) as well as those your organization is responsible to uphold
  • Monitor compliance with procurement and service agreements
  • Have the necessary knowledge to prepare for contract negotiations and maintenance renewals
  • Update and manage contracts regularly to improve operational and financial performance

ITAM Reporting

  • Intelligent reporting engine to generate KPI dashboards and metrics that are critical to the management of your IT portfolio landscape
  • Make informed IT asset decisions regarding purchases, evaluate deployment decisions, and maintain organizational structure
  • Proactively address IT security and compliance risks and have the evidence to prove it

Use Cases

Change Management

Change Management

When it comes to evaluating change management software, Virima sets the bar for flexibility, breadth of features, ease of use, and outstanding value. It truly puts you in control

Man Checking Reporting and Auditing

Reporting & Auditing

Virima breaks down the information silos by providing accurate, detailed asset configurations and easy to understand visual topologies of the relationships and dependencies between assets and business services.


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