Virima V6.0 will soon be available with an all-new look, enhanced discovery, mapping and vulnerability features and more. Stay tuned!

ViVID™ Service Mapping

ViVID (Virima Visual Impact Display) Service Mapping provides application and service dependency mapping with dynamic visual depictions of your IT infrastructure, application dependencies, business services, and ITSM process relationships.

Best of all, Virima Discovery and CMDB perform all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to worry about every little detail.


See the Big Picture

Seemingly minor configuration changes have been known to have dire consequences. Application dependency mapping helps you easily identify stakeholders and understand the potential risks when planning IT infrastructure changes.

Service Mapping That Eliminates the Guesswork

“What changed?” is usually the first thing people ask when a service interruption occurs. Service mapping, and not just application dependency mapping, helps you identify root causes of incidents to quickly restore service availability.

Maximize CMDB Value

Make sure your CMDB adds true value across the organization and isn’t just a glorified spreadsheet full of hard-to-consume data. Service mapping helps turn the CMDB into a trusted resource for countless stakeholders.

How ViVID Service Mapping works


Map Any Service

  • If the service runs as an application, website, or combination of the two, application dependency mapping tools by Virima will help you map them.
  • Leverage the ability to map on-premise, cloud-based, and hybrid services as well.
  • Business service dependency mapping is available for major applications such as “Epic” and “payroll”.
  • ViVID allows mapping of abstract business services consisting of many apps like “order entry” or “HR”.

Dynamic Visualizations of Complex CMDB Relationships

  • CMDB Application dependency mapping (ADM).
  • Holistic infrastructure and network map views.
  • Communication view to show flow and port numbers of host-to-host communications.
  • DevOps-style service topology views.

Mapping Made Easy with Automated Discovery

  • Virima Discovery provides the CMDB with several data points to compile asset relationships and application dependencies.
  • Virima CMDB compiles the data into various Business Service Maps (BSMs).
  • ViVID service mapping is as easy as naming the service and pointing it to a logical starting point such as an app or web server and all of their relationships become part of the service map.
  • Any change to the CMDB data is automatically reflected in the service map.

Reduce the risk of change

  • Use application dependency maps to identify what could be impacted during change windows or if something could go wrong as a result of the change.
  • Identify and coordinate with necessary stakeholders and involve in the change approval process.
  • With ITSM integration, service maps display which service assets have changes pending and which have recently received changes.
  • Quickly find out who to contact if a recent change appears to cause a service disruption.

Recover from outages faster

  • Integrate with system monitoring tools to automatically display alerts that could impact service availability before the effects are felt.
  • ITSM integration displays which business services and service assets have open incidents.
  • Quickly identify root causes of service interruptions by seeing which service assets have open incidents and recent changes. “What changed?” scenario.
  • Clicking “re-scan now” triggers a real-time scan of only the mapped service assets to confirm everything is online and allows you to check for any unapproved or undocumented changes.

Additional features

  • Stay abreast of any changes occurring across services, applications, compute platforms, network, and storage.
  • Use ViVID to confirm the completeness of the CMDB by ensuring no relationships exist with non-CMDB assets.
  • Identify suspect communications with external systems.
  • Quickly identify critical service assets and single points of failure.
  • Leverage discovery and dependency mapping and ITSM integration with ServiceNow, Cherwell and Jira.

Consumable and personalized

  • Virima’s service mapping tools enable you to create filters to focus only on the asset types that matter to you.
  • Organize asset icons in any order you prefer and the connecting lines automatically follow.
  • Save, share, export, and print customized business service management (BSM) views.
  • Assign meaningful names to asset relationships for a clearer understanding of service mapping relationships and application dependencies.
  • Color coding depicts the nature of asset-to-asset relationships for easier comprehension.

Use Cases

Man Checking Reporting and Auditing

Reporting & Auditing

Virima breaks down the information silos by providing accurate, detailed asset configurations and easy to understand visual topologies of the relationships and dependencies between assets and business services.

Communicating Major incidents with stakeholders

IT Service Management

With Virima ITSM, your service delivery will improve, IT ops and security will have the information they need to keep you running efficiently and securely and responding to compliance and financial audits will be easier than ever before.


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