Virima Discovery + Service Mapping Brochure

Virima Discovery + Service Mapping offers the ease of SaaS deployment and accessibility combined with the security and performance of on-premise discovery.

How Discovery and Visualization Create Value for IT Cover

How Discovery and Service Mapping Create Value for IT

Discovery is important for the value it creates for IT – Service Mapping is the key to unlocking that value

IT Security

Make the IT Asset Security Circle Unbreakable

As IT security professionals face constantly changing threats in their efforts to protect the organization’s systems, data, and assets, one truism must be kept in mind: Trust, but verify.

Healthcare Case Study

Healthcare Case Study

How a large healthcare system deploys Virima® to Facilitate IT Discovery and Dependency Mapping

Data centre Discovery Best Practices Cover

Data Center Discovery Best Practices

If you were to ask CIOs and IT executives “What are your top data center challenges?”, responding quickly and efficiently to shifting business priorities and elevating IT’s value to the enterprise would undoubtedly be at the top of many lists.

Virima Use Cases Cover

Virima Use Cases

A high-level discussion of five key areas in which Virima is leveraged to transform IT operations, improve customer support, and keep up with rapidly changing business demands.

CMDB Concept Image

Build a CMDB

Do you feel like CMDB (configuration management database) is a puzzle you can’t solve because there’s no automatic way to build and maintain it?

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Change Management

Change Management

When it comes to evaluating change management software, Virima sets the bar for flexibility, breadth of features, ease of use, and outstanding value. It truly puts you in control

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Man Checking Reporting and Auditing

Reporting & Auditing

Virima breaks down the information silos by providing accurate, detailed asset configurations and easy to understand visual topologies of the relationships and dependencies between assets and business services.

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Communicating Major incidents with stakeholders

IT Service Management

With Virima ITSM, your service delivery will improve, IT ops and security will have the information they need to keep you running efficiently and securely and responding to compliance and financial audits will be easier than ever before.

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Data Center

IT Asset Management

All asset and configuration management data is easily leveraged across all of Virima’s ITSM processes but can also be used with other CMDB and ITSM tools.

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Asset Discovery Concept

IT Asset Discovery

Whether your goal is to simply build and maintain a complete inventory of IT hardware, software and cloud assets or implement a full ITAM or ITSM program, Virima has you covered.

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Discovery and Mapping new service announcement

ITIL Configuration Management Software

Whether your goal is to populate your existing configuration management software with automatic discovery, or roll out a complete ITIL-based ITSM program, Virima’s great features, flexible licensing, and awesome value provide the winning solution.

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Data Migration Concept

Migrate apps or data centers

When coupled with Virima’s asset discovery and dependency mapping capabilities, all your asset details and relationships can be fully leveraged to identify move and dependency groups.

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Overview of Virima ITAM and ITSM SaaS Platform
Virima Discovered Server Details
Virima Business Service Maps
Virima: Moving Discovered Assets to the CMDB

6 Steps to CMDB Success

This webinar, presented by Virima Technologies, takes us through the various steps of successful CMDB implementation – CMDB integration into systems, its alignment with stakeholders,

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Virima is hosted on U.S. and international AWS data centers to meet specific client requirements.

Virima has been certified by PINKElephant® for six ITIL® compliant processes. A SOC 2 Type 1 report is also available.

We don’t expect you to take our word for it which is why we offer extended full-featured trials.  Of course, it never hurts to discuss your requirements with us first.  If we don’t think Virima will be a good fit, we’ll let you know.

While agentless discovery provides the broadest range of device support it can only record a device’s config at the time of scan. Having a discovery agent locally installed on PC’s allows for full-time monitoring of config changes and software usage. The discovery agent can also be configured to look for additional attributes that might not be available with agentless scanning. Loading the agent locally also eliminates the need for credentials and remote access to the device.

The Discovery agent can be seamlessly pushed via the Discovery App to target machines or installed as a Windows MSI and pushed via software management tools such as SCCM.  Once installed agent versions are automatically kept up to date

The Discovery package is based on number of assets to be automatically discovered (server OS, desktop OS, network). The ITAM and ITSM packages are licensed for each agent/approver. There is no charge for self-service portal users.

Absolutely! With our API integration for ServiceNow you can have bi-directional synchronization between Virima Discovery and ServiceNow CMDB. This allows you to leverage Virima’s powerful discovery and dynamic relationship mapping with either platform.

Yes we do. We currently offer API and non-API integrations with many other ITSM platforms. Please contact us with questions about supporting your ITSM solution.

While Virima delivered as cloud-based SaaS is the best option for most, we recognize some organizations are restricted to on-premise deployments.   Requests for on-premise are considered on a case by case basis.  Send us a message  if you’re interested.

Yes, we offer both subscription and perpetual licensing.  Please contact us for details and pricing.

Virima is licensed on yearly basis however a select group of partners specialize in leveraging Virima for things like compliance audits, maintenance/license renewals, and data center consolidation/migrations.  We would be happy to match you up with the appropriate partner for your short-term licensing requirements.

Yes, most Virima ITSM processes are modular, so they can be individually added to the ITAM package without subscribing to the full ITSM package.  One use case may be Request Fulfillment and self-service portal to help with ordering new services or onboarding new employees.  We can tailor flexible licensing options to meet your need and budget.