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Overview of Virima ITAM and ITSM SaaS Platform

Virima Technologies’ innovative, flexible, secure SaaS platform offering automatic IT asset discovery and relationship mapping, IT asset management (ITAM), CMDB, ITIL IT Service Management (ITSM).

Virima Discovered Server Details

View video to see a demo of what Virima automatically discovers about a scan.

Virima Asset Relationships

This video shows how Virima discovers and displays asset relationships and application dependency.

Virima Moving Discovered Assets to CMDB

See how easy it is to move recently discovered assets and changes to the CMDB using Virima


The Problems with Your IT Problem Management – And How to Solve Them

The Problems with Your IT Problem Management – And How to Solve Them

There are tasks being performed and called “IT problem management” at every type and size of business. But most of those fall short of the goals of true, proactive problem management – to resolve incidents, identify and address their root causes, and reduce occurrence and recurrence of incidents and problems.

Improve Incident Management: Be Ready for the 3 am Call

Continual Service Improvements and minimizing the impact of Major Incident Management are critical to keeping your business running smoothly and out of the nightly news headlines.

ITSM and SecOps: A Critical Intersection

IT service management (ITSM) is evolving rapidly as more and more enterprises pursue digital transformation. At the same time, cyber security threats are growing in number, sophistication, and impact on the operations, revenues, and reputations of victimized companies. Meanwhile, at too many companies, service and security management are still operating in separate silos, with cooperation happening only after a threat becomes a successful breach.

The Business Value of Intelligent IT Automation

Automation brings several obvious benefits to any IT estate. These include more consistent performance of critical and mundane tasks and compliance with business processes. But when intelligently applied, IT automation can deliver significant additional benefits and business value.

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