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Virima: Now Supercharging Jira Service Management

Virima jsm integration

As IT landscapes evolve, so do the challenges associated with keeping them in check. 

Enter Virima for Jira Service Management (JSM). This integration recently announced by Virima [read the press release here] brings the power of best-in-class IT discovery, full-featured CMDB, automated relationship and dependency mapping, dynamic service mapping, and the one-of-a-kind Virima Visual Impact Display to the JSM platform.

In this article, we’ll unpack the synergy of Virima with JSM and how it can redefine and mature your ITSM processes and do so much more.

What is Virima?

Virima is a cloud-based  IT automation solution that provides hybrid discovery, automated configuration management, IT asset management, application dependency and service mapping, and much-improved collaboration.

When paired with JSM, Virima becomes a trusted source of inventory and configuration data that can easily be leveraged across ITSM processes.  ViVID adds even greater value as a collaboration platform for improved service delivery and more confident decision making.

Dive into Virima’s Features

Hybrid discovery

Easily discover your on-premise assets and cloud resources with Virima IT asset discovery.  

With its 100+ probes, optional Windows agent, and integration with cloud providers, such as AWS and Azure, Virima’s IT discovery tool allows you to automatically and repeatedly detect all your physical and virtual assets, hardware configurations, and installed software across Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac operating systems.

Automated CMDB

Offering a CMDB that’s not dependent on manual processes but constantly updated via Virima Discovery, Virima ensures that JSM users have the most accurate and up-to-date configuration and change history data at their fingertips.  A complete and trustworthy CMDB is foundational to effective ITSM processes, and the Virima integration for JSM delivers.

Service Mapping

Easily create comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date business service maps with Virima Discovery’s automated application dependency and relationship mapping. Service Mapping provides dynamic visualizations of application dependencies, IT infrastructure relationships, network topology, and communications between CMDB assets and even external systems.

Virima Visual Impact Display (ViVID™)

ViVID turns ordinary service maps into a heads-up display for IT operations, Cybersecurity, and DevOps teams by incorporating JSM incidents and changes on Virima’s dynamic application and service dependency maps.  The ITSM overlays make it much easier to take the risk out of planning for change and expedite root cause analysis of service disruptions.  ViVID also displays device-level NVD vulnerabilities so IT SecOps can prioritize remediation efforts not solely on the vulnerability criticality rating but also by taking into account the importance of each asset in supporting business services.

IT Asset Management

JSM users now have a choice when it comes to ITAM.  Virima’s powerful discovery can be used to augment JSM’s asset management, or they can take advantage of Virima’s feature-rich hardware and software asset management with broad capabilities for lifecycle, inventory, and license management.  Virima also offers software license metering and work from anywhere solutions.

Autonomic Social Discovery

Virima’s Autonomic Social Discovery (ASD) is an innovative feature that automates human intelligence gathering, providing a deeper understanding of your IT and cyber asset inventory. This tool helps fill critical knowledge gaps that cannot be automatically learned through discovery probes and agents alone, such as asset lifecycle status, ownership information, business criticality, policies, and SLAs.

Virima–JSM Integration: The Value Proposition

Jira Service Management users who need IT asset discovery, a robust CMDB, and automated application dependency and relationship mapping will find it with Virima. This integration paves the way for more efficient management and security of both on-premise and cloud-based assets, applications, and overall IT services.

By integrating Virima with Jira Service Management, Jira users also enjoy the full benefit of Virima’s ViVID™ advantage and Service Mapping. This cutting-edge combination provides visual representations of business service dependencies and relationships with overlays of JSM open incidents and recent or planned changes. ViVID™ significantly accelerates impact analysis for proposed changes and root cause identification for service disruptions.  

ViVID™ views include dynamic visuals of infrastructure relationships, application/service dependencies, network topologies, and system communications.

ViVID™ views include dynamic visuals of infrastructure relationships, application/service dependencies, network topologies, and system communications.

Additionally, the Virima integration extends the usefulness of JSM to IT asset managers needing to track hardware and software inventory and answer financial, licensing, and warranty audits. 

Cyber Security teams will also benefit by having a complete cyber asset inventory while leveraging ViVID maps to determine vulnerability remediation priorities based on NVD alerts and the service criticality of each asset.

Autonomic Social Discovery provides automation for us humans.  Unfortunately, Virima’s magic discovery wand can’t capture every necessary asset-related detail, so we’ve done something to help ease the burden of capturing that too.

Taking the Next Step

So if you’re looking to elevate your IT asset and configuration management abilities and want to improve collaboration for critical ITSM and security functions, integrating Virima with JSM is the answer.

The Virima–JSM integration is about collaboration, empowerment, and ensuring that every JSM user has the tools, visuals, and insights to navigate the intricate maze of modern IT landscapes with precision, confidence, and efficiency. 

Discover the power of the Virima–JSM integration. Explore now!

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