A CMDB You Can Trust

Accurate CMDB data is foundational to effective decision making and service delivery. Can your CMDB be trusted?

  • Automated CMDB
  • Easy Integration
  • Dynamic Service Mapping
  • PinkVerified 2011

Automated CMDB

Virima CMDB, powered by Virima Discovery, automatically detects and identifies network connected IT assets, configurations and software.  The CMDB is populated with newly discovered assets/configuration items (CI) or updates to existing assets, giving you a full history of each CI.  The result is a complete, accurate and trustworthy Configuration Management Database

 that can be leveraged by stakeholders throughout the organization.

Virima Data Intake Cloud Services VIRIMA Discovery Office(s) Data Center(s) VIRIMA CMDB Change ManagementUpdates External Data Sources Vendor Shipping NoticesAsset SpreadsheetProcurement CardAvailable Device InventoryProcurement Reconciliation Normalization Rationalization ProductCatalog/Blueprint Business RuleAutomation
Virima Data Intake Mobile Cloud Services VIRIMADiscovery Office(s) Data Center(s) Change ManagementUpdates External Data Sources Vendor Shipping NoticesAsset SpreadsheetProcurement CardAvailable Device InventoryProcurement VIRIMA CMDB Reconciliation Normalization Rationalization ProductCatalog/Blueprint Business RuleAutomation

Dependency and Relationship Mapping

You should expect more from a CMDB than simply a catalog of CIs – Virima  delivers with the magic of automatically generated Business Service Maps (BSM’s) presented in dynamic, colorful visualizations. BSM view examples include infrastructure, service topology/DevOps, communication flow and of course application/service dependency mapping.

What’s even more powerful, through integrations with monitoring tools, Virima ITSM and popular third party platforms like ServiceNow and Cherwell, alerts, incidents and changes are reflected in the BSM views. This means eliminating much of the guesswork when responding to incidents or planning changes. To ensure the data is completely accurate when you need it most, a simple click of a button within each BSM triggers an immediate rescan of the associated CI’s.

Relationship Map from Virima App
Relationship Map from Virima App

CMDB for the Cloud

Virima CMDB isn’t just for data center and edge assets. Cloud environments such as AWS and Azure can be automatically discovered and managed within the Configuration Management Database meaning you are never foggy about how services are supported regardless of where they live. This also means leveraging the value of the Business Services Maps when assets extend beyond the confines of on-premise or even co-located infrastructure.

Data that is actionable

No one should have a CMDB just for the sake of having one. It needs to be leveraged across other IT systems such ITAM, ITSM, ITOM to make the data easy to access by IT Operations, IT Security, DevOPs and Compliance/Auditing teams. If it isn’t improving service delivery, reducing risk exposure and saving time and expense of compliance and inventory auditing then it isn’t returning full value.

Virima CMDB ensures the data is accurate and trustworthy, then makes it actionable through dashboards full of meaningful KPIs and and a reporting engine that allows for the complete mining of all CMDB data. Visualization of data within Virima’s CMDB will help you make better decisions regarding your infrastructure.

Virima CMDB for any IT Team

Why Virima CMDB?

Virima CMDB grows with you, delivering immediate value and helps IT deliver operational value for and the organization’s business services. Virima’s CMDB solution grows with your needs and supports Virima’s ITIL® Verified solutions by Pink Elephant, including a user interface that is modern, responsive, and easy to navigate to ensure an exceptional experience; irrelevant of the need required.

Actionable Insights Icon

Actionable Insights

  • Outstanding visualization, auditing capabilities with comprehensive reporting
  • Eliminate the uncertainty of what there is to support and secure
  • Multi-tier business application hierarchy
  • Full dependency mappings between devices, software, and business applications

Integration Ease Cog

Integration Ease

  • Integration with ServiceNow, BMC, Cherwell, and other IT Service Management
  • Integration with system and security monitoring tools
  • Easy build custom integrations via Restful API
  • Streamline/automate manual processes and workflows

Rapid Deployment Flash

Rapid Deployment

  • SaaS delivery model, no new hardware to support
  • Build a CMDB in days not months
  • Import CSV data via easily generated templates for CSV/TXT data

Three Rising Stars

Best of Breed CMDB Solution

  • Built on AWS with the added piece of mind of Virima SOC2 certification
  • Couple with Virima Discovery for a truly automated CMDB
  • Coverage for all environments: data center, cloud, edge
  • ITIL® Verified by Pink Elephant for Service Asset Configuration Management (SACM)
  • Visibility of device configurations and relationship vizualizations to reduce MTTR
  • MSP functionality to manage multiple organizational or customer CMDBs within a single system.

Top CMDB Use Cases

CMDB Concept Image

Build a CMDB

Do you feel like CMDB (configuration management database) is a puzzle you can’t solve because there’s no automatic way to build and maintain it?

Change Management

Change Management

When it comes to evaluating change management software, Virima sets the bar for flexibility, breadth of features, ease of use, and outstanding value. It truly puts you in control.

ITIL Configuration Management Software

Whether your goal is to populate your existing configuration management software with automatic discovery, or roll out a complete ITIL-based ITSM program, Virima’s great features, flexible licensing, and awesome value provide the winning solution.

CMDB Resources


White Papers

Virima Use Cases Cover

Virima Use Cases

This paper provides a high-level discussion of five key areas in which Virima is leveraged to transform IT operations, improve customer support, and keep up with rapidly changing business demands.

How Discovery and Visualization Create Value for IT Cover

How Discovery and Service Mapping Create Value to IT

Discovery is important for the value it creates for IT – Service Mapping is the key to unlocking that value

Healthcare Case Study

Healthcare Case Study

How a large healthcare system deploys Virima® to Facilitate IT Discovery and Dependency Mapping

IT Security

Make the IT Asset Security Circle Unbreakable

Security vulnerabilities can lead to downtime that cost businesses billions of dollars each year, damaging reputations and wreaking havoc with productivity. As IT security professionals face constantly changing threats in their efforts to protect the organization’s systems, data, and assets, one truism must be kept in mind: Trust, but verify.


6 steps to CMDB success

A complete and accurate CMDB can deliver immeasurable value to IT and non-IT functions yet too many organizations struggle to reach a CMDB’s full potential. Virima’s CMDB and ITSM experts Bill Talbot and Will Johnson discusses the 6 things (plus a few more) every organization should be doing right now to ensure CMDB success.

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