Systems Administrator Day

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Systems Administrator Day

July 27th is the 19th annual International Systems Administrator Appreciation Day (SysAdmin Day). Your system administrators and your entire IT department) are the team of dedicated professionals that keep your company’s infrastructure and applications operating, your data secure and your business processes active, stable and productive. On this special day, take some time to show your system administrators you appreciate their hard work and experience.

You could as other companies do and give your system administrators a novel gift to celebrate SysAdmin Day: cake and ice-cream; pizza; a custom T-shirt; coffee mug; or balloons. These gestures are great, but they are “not enough” considering all these hard-working men and women do for your company every day. Instead, give your system administrators a gift they will appreciate as much as you appreciate them – a modern set of tools to make their job easier and more effective. Best of all, it is FREE!

Managing the hodge-podge of components in your IT environment

Your system administrators are responsible for managing all the parts, pieces, wires and systems of your IT environment. Sometimes, they are able to work with new and exciting technology, but they also manage all the older components that have been added to the environment for many years and are fraught with many issues.

For a typical small to medium-size company, it could include hundreds of devices and for a large company, the size of the environment can total tens of thousands of components. Managing the assets, the dependencies, patching levels and ongoing maintenance to ensure your systems and processes operate efficiently can be a tough challenge – especially if your Sysadmins don’t have a good set of tools.

Responding to incidents and outages

What happens when your SysAdmins are called in the middle of the night because a system went down? Do they have the tools to assess effectively the impact and diagnose the cause of the issue? Your Sysadmins need their sleep too. Give them the tools to troubleshoot incidents and outages efficiently, so they can keep your business operating smoothly and receive the sleep they need to be refreshed the next day.

Modern asset and service management tools can help you manage dependencies, support contact data for individual components and visualize the impact of incidents and outages, so they can be fixed right the first time.

Keeping current on patching and maintenance

What about security and bug alerts from suppliers and information security firms? With the large number of 3rd party components in use in IT environments today, vendors are continually identifying bugs and security vulnerabilities and developing enhancements system your administrators are responsible for installing in your IT environments.

With the large volume of change notifications received every week, it can be tough for SysAdmins to keep track of what patches must be applied to keep equipment, systems and processes current. Unfortunately, a backlog of patching can cause performance issues that impact your business users and leave your company vulnerable to malicious attack from hackers.

Know what you don’t know!

With the right set of tools, like those from Virima, your team will know with certainty your current assets, how they connect to each other and the status of configurations and important patches.

Virima’s Automated discovery and IT Asset Management (ITAM) solutions provide the capabilities not just to collect information, but also to manage it and display it visually to help your Sysadmins be more effective doing what they do best – keeping the technology operating and your business running smoothly.

To celebrate this year’s SysAdmin Appreciation Day, Virima is offering 3 months of unlimited access to its ITAM package for free when you sign up for Discovery between July 27th and August 3rd. By taking advantage of this offer, you will be able to see relationship mapping, run reports, export the asset and dependency information and see first-hand the extraordinary value Virima ITAM offers your business.

Think of all of the time you will save preparing for audits, identifying what devices require patching or building a CMDB you can trust. In addition, if you decide to subscribe to the Virima ITAM after the free period, then you’ll receive 25% off the ITAM licensing fees. Even if you don’t subscribe after the 3 months, you can still continue to use Virima Discovery for free!

Don’t miss this great opportunity to make your SysAdmin’s job much easier and sign up today for your free trial.

P.S. As you saved so much on the free software, you can afford to buy them a cake!

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