Virima V6.0 will soon be available with an all-new look, enhanced discovery, mapping and vulnerability features and more. Stay tuned!

About Us

In 2007 Virima Technologies began operations in Atlanta, GA with the concept of creating an “ERP for IT Ops” platform to enable timely and accurate decisions throughout all levels of the organization.  The platform was called “EcosystemManager” and its first focus was on automating the discovery and collection of IT asset inventory and configuration details.  Next was mapping the assets’ relationships and application dependencies to correlate them to the greater business services they support.  Finally, we wanted to innovate a way to turn elusive “tribal knowledge” into structured, shareable, collaborative and consumable data through a process we call Autonomic Social Discovery.


In 2010, to accelerate the vision for EcosystemManager, Virima acquired a group of data center consolidation practitioners to help guide development of the platform.  Our consultants needed to understand the clients’ environments better than they themselves did.  Even with the plethora of technology investments many clients had made, so much was still unknown, or at least undocumented, and what was known was often siloed away and unavailable to us and other organization stakeholders.  This often led to IT projects and the release of critical new services taking longer to complete and costing far more than budgeted.

In 2015, after a few years of use within our data center transformation programs, we officially released EcosystemManager SaaS and acquired our first customers.  As our development team expanded to support those customers, so to our ideas for the platform. ITIL processes,  IT service management (ITSM) and IT asset management (ITAM) were rapidly catching on in the enterprise market which were logical additions to EcosystemManager.

In 2016 the data center consultancy was spun-off to refocus the company on the original vision of being an innovator of IT management software.  Since then the platform has been rebranded as simply “Virima” and our customers in healthcare, manufacturing, entertainment, professional services and technology range from midsize to the enterprise

Today, Virima’s configuration management automation for hybrid IT environments ensures your C-suite, ITOps, DevOps, SecOps and GRC stakeholders gain the critical insights needed to make informed and timely decisions. Best of all, Virima’s intelligent CMDB automation capabilities, integrations, and optional end-to-end IT asset management (ITAM) and IT service management (ITSM) solutions are SaaS delivered and available for an extremely low total cost of ownership.  Nothing beats Virima’s value!

Our vision is to expand Virima’s automation, integrations, machine and social learning to build an AI-driven IT operations management (ITOM) platform.

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