Service Intelligence Starts With Your CMDB

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CMDB ITSM is important for gathering service intelligence

Pink Elephant is a global provider of conference, consulting, and training focused on ITIL and CMDB. Jan-Willem Middelburg is the regional director for the Asian Pacific Division of Pink Elephant, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In a post at, Jan-Willem says this: “AI in ITSM equals ‘service intelligence’ — ITSM’s next frontier.”

He also says this. “For years, IT service providers, both insourced or outsourced have been collecting a wealth of data about infrastructure, services, and customer behavior. IT Service Management (ITSM) tools, Configuration Management Databases (CMDB), and IT Asset Management (ITAM) tools are literally swamped with terabytes of data that can tell a great deal about the organization and the services it provides. Whereas this used to be a cost center, more and more organizations realize that ITSM functions literally sit on a wealth of information. 

Service Intelligence is a structured attempt to unearth the value that is captured into these systems. What if you could predict the malfunction of services or identify future vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure? Would that not be of great strategic value?”

In the same post, Jan-Willem cites an article that summarizes research from McKinsey & Company, “Achieving business impact with data.” That research discusses what McKinsey experts call the “insights value chain.”

Those experts say this: “Broadly speaking, capturing the most value from the wealth of potential data begins with excellence in identifying, capturing, and storing that data.” 

“The first two action areas—data collection and data refinement comprise the tech-heavy upstream activities. This is followed by the people and process-driven downstream activities of defining and adopting actions, as well as building the tools and governance that support sustained engagement around these insights-based activities, McKinsey adds, that those initial steps toward turning data into valuable insights.”

Get Your CMDB Ready for Service Intelligence

So, what’s it all mean?

It means your CMDB is critical to your efforts to evolve your IT estate and its management. Your CMDB is a primary repository of the data that drives ITSM, intelligent IT automation, service intelligence, and ultimately, the insights value chain at your business.

This means the data in your CMDB must be as accurate, complete, and up to date as possible. Which means the data sources that feed it must be all those things, too.

High-quality, high-value CMDB data starts with comprehensive, intelligently automated, and reliable discovery of every critical element of your IT estate. Your chosen discovery tools and processes must also monitor your environment and immediately flag all changes to it, both authorized and suspicious.

Your CMDB auto discovery, IT Asset Management (ITAM), ITSM, IT Operations Management (ITOM), and cyber security solutions must all integrate seamlessly with one another. Such integration, combined with intelligent automation, gives you the best chances to ensure the completeness, accuracy, and timeliness of the data feeding your CMDB.

Service intelligence is a worthwhile, achievable long-term goal. Maximizing the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of your CMDB data is a solid first step toward that goal. It will also generate important short and medium-term benefits, including improvement of the overall management and security of your entire IT estate.

Virima: Your Partner for CMDB Excellence

Virima features can automatically discover and map your critical IT resources and the interconnections that link them to one another, your applications and services, and your users. Virima solutions are easy to use and configure, and designed to work well with each other. These and other features can help you and your IT management team maximize the quality and business value of your CMDB, and build a solid foundation for service intelligence.

Virima is here to help. To get started, contact us today to schedule a demo and explore the possibilities!

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