White Papers

Virima Use Cases Cover

Virima Use Cases

A high-level discussion of five key areas in which Virima is leveraged to transform IT operations, improve customer support, and keep up with rapidly changing business demands.

How Discovery and Visualization Create Value for IT Cover

How Discovery and Service Mapping Create Value for IT

Discovery is important for the value it creates for IT – Service Mapping is the key to unlocking that value

Healthcare Case Study

Healthcare Case Study

How a large healthcare system deploys Virima® to Facilitate IT Discovery and Dependency Mapping

Data centre Discovery Best Practices Cover

Data Center Discovery Best Practices

If you were to ask CIOs and IT executives “What are your top data center challenges?”, responding quickly and efficiently to shifting business priorities and elevating IT’s value to the enterprise would undoubtedly be at the top of many lists.

IT Security

Make the IT Asset Security Circle Unbreakable

Security vulnerabilities can lead to downtime that cost businesses billions of dollars each year, damaging reputations and wreaking havoc with productivity. As IT security professionals face constantly changing threats in their efforts to protect the organization’s systems, data, and assets, one truism must be kept in mind: Trust, but verify.