How Discovery and Service Mapping Create Value for IT

Tired of guessing what’s tied to what?  Time to connect the dots.

Do you really know what’s-connected-to-what in your data center and cloud environments? Are all your application, web service and enterprise service dependencies properly mapped?

Imagine the dreaded 3 a.m. call arrives from the help desk reporting a problem with “the network” or a critical business service is down, effecting overseas offices. You hope it’s isolated to just satellite users but you quickly discover the same issue is impacting corporate access so things could get ugly, real fast. Or perhaps you work for a large healthcare system and the problem is impeding the delivery of patient care right now. Not good.

Your first thought is “what went down or what changed” then your mind quickly turns to wondering “where do I start?” In crisis’s, like this you want to consult with the subject matter experts and application owners who should have intimate knowledge of the affected systems but good luck reaching them in the middle of the night.

Or maybe your responsibility, as part of DevOps, is planning new releases and changes. Does your release & change management software reflect all relationships and dependencies for the systems, applications, and services that could be potentially impacted?

Today’s enterprise services are so intertwined with complex data center and cloud environments that it becomes very difficult to ID all the stakeholders that need to be brought to the table. Also, without knowing all the moving parts- big and small- how can you properly ID and manage all the top risks of pushing the new release or making the changes?

It’s critical to have all enterprise services and applications fully mapped out and the info made readily accessible to those that need it. Ideally this info should be tied to a CMDB or broader ITSM platform.

Enter Virima, with agentless network and cloud discovery that provides automatic dependency mapping to connect all the asset relationship and application dependency dots, ensuring critical relationships are not overlooked. This reduces the risks of making changes and implementing new releases. It also reduces the response time to incidents and problems.

Virima can tell you more things about more IT assets with greater accuracy than ever imagined and present the info in a variety of powerful, dynamic visualizations and reports. When changes do occur, Virima automatically keeps up with them. This means no more decisions based on bad asset and relationship data.

Key features

  • Agentless discovery of on-premise and cloud assets
  • Automatic Application Dependency Mapping
  • Web site topology mapping across supporting infrastructure
  • Dynamic visualizations of hardware & software relationships
  • Reports communication flows between discovered and unknown assets
  • Enterprise business service mapping across all cloud and on-premise environments
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