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Beyond IT Asset Management (ITAM)

True IT asset management isn’t just about tracking hardware and software costs. It is something that can be leveraged across the enterprise. Are you ready to go beyond ITAM?

  • Reduce Cost
  • Decrease Risk
  • Increase Efficiency
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Virima ITAM is IT Asset Management Made Easy

Virima ITAM goes beyond typical solutions by combing full lifecycle hardware and software asset management with the power of automated Discovery, ITIL®-compliant CMDB and dynamic service dependency mapping – all in a 100% secure cloud-based solution. Virima ITAM eases the burden of IT portfolio governance by giving you a holistic view of your asset inventory, software licensing usage, InfoSec requirements, regulatory compliance and financial audit reporting.

Virima ITAM Serivce Mapping Flow VIRIMA Discovery Cloud Services Office(s) Data Center(s) VIRIMA CMDB Service Mapping SACM Hardware AssetManagement ContractManagement Software AssetManagement Life-cycleManagement CertificateManagement VendorManagement LicenseEntitlements Procurement InventoryManagement IT FinanceManagement
Virima ITAM Service Mapping Flow mobile VIRIMA Discovery Office(s) Data Center(s) Cloud Services VIRIMA CMDB Service Mapping SACM Hardware AssetManagement ContractManagement Software AssetManagement Life-cycleManagement Certificate Management VendorManagement LicenseEntitlements Procurement InventoryManagement IT FinanceManagement
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Integrated ITAM Solutions

VIRIMA ITAM natively integrates with Virima Automated Discovery, Virima CMDB, and Virima Enhanced ITSM. It can also be integrated with with external systems like ServiceNow, Cherwell, SolarWinds, LogicMonitor, Active Directory, single sign-on and 3rd party procurement or financial systems. 

These integrations help you automate ITAM processes and capture all of the data required to manage the devices within your enterprise.

Relationship Map from Virima App

Gartner estimates that as much as 20 percent of software licensing and hardware maintenance charges are incurred for assets that are no longer in use

Gartner, “Don’t Overlook Opportunities to Save Costs on ITAM”

An Outstanding Review

"VIRIMA is well-placed to deliver value"

Benefits of a comprehensive ITAM solution like Virima:

Reduce Costs Icon

Reduce Cost

Understanding what you have and how its used helps you to make better decisions about your IT investments

Reduce Risk Icon

Decrease Risk

Don’t just guess about what is compliant with policies and standards – know with certainty and have the evidence to back it up

Automate Tasks

Increase Efficiency

Gain time to focus on the big stuff by leveraging intelligent automation for repetitive and mundane activities

Why Virima ITAM?

IT assets are the resources and capabilities available to create a sustainable competitive advantage for your organization. How you use them determines what value you will realize and what risks you will be subject to. Better asset utilization improves service assurance and lowers your overhead costs.
Without control of your assets, your organization is vulnerable to all types of risks – security risks, compliance risks, financial risks and audit risks.

Virima ITAM helps you understand what IT assets you have, how they support business outcomes and where your inefficiencies are – leading to better informed decisions.

  • Improve operational transparency by knowing what assets you have and how they are used
  • Enterprise view of deployed infrastructure, in the field, in the data center or in the cloud
  • View inter-relationships and dependencies among assets
  • Optimize your data center and cloud investment by understanding what you have and where it’s running
  • See how assets support business operations so you can calculate the true cost of IT
  • Proactively address IT Security and compliance risks
  • Identify missing security patches to avoid embarrassing breaches
  • Discover un-authorized connections before your systems are compromised
  • Track software installs against licenses to reclaim under-utilized license costs
  • Maintain software license compliance and eliminate overspend.

Virima ITAM Features

  • IT Asset Lifecycle Management – Virima provides you the ability to manage your IT portfolio throughout the entire asset lifecycle. Beyond what discovery will capture when the device is deployed. Managing devices from request through retirement/disposition.
  • IT Device/Asset Tracking – Gain the ability to manually update data attributes that are not captured/updated by discovery technologies (e.g. cost center, location, contracts, device state, software license allocation…) for your break-fix technicians, outsource providers…
  • IT Vendor Management – our solution provides the IT portfolio data required by vendor management for contract negotiations and maintenance renewals
  • IT Contract Management – awareness between your contracts and your IT portfolio items to be proactively prepared for that next upcoming agreement/renewals (e.g. lease, software maintenance, software contract, hardware maintenance, cloud vendor agreements, procurement agreements, service agreements)
  • Stock Room/ Inventory Management – understand what inventory (HW & SW) is available for deployment.
  • IT Procurement – have the procurement details "that you need" immediately associated with your it portfolio data
  • ITAM Reporting – Virima provides out-of-box reports with KPIs & metrics that are critical to the management of your IT portfolio landscape

Top Virima ITAM Use Cases

IT Asset Management

All asset and configuration management data is easily leveraged across all of Virima’s ITSM processes but can also be used with other CMDB and ITSM tools.

Man Checking Reporting and Auditing

Reporting & Auditing

Virima breaks down the information silos by providing accurate, detailed asset configurations and easy to understand visual topologies of the relationships and dependencies between assets and business services.

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