IT Asset Inventory & Configuration Discovery

Today’s digital economy is powered by a vast infrastructure of compute, storage and network devices. Do you have the right automated tools to keep up?

  • Agent & Agentless discovery
  • IT Asset Inventory Management
  • Discover Physical, Cloud and Virtual Assets

Virima Discovery

Trusted by organizations of all sizes and industries, Virima Discovery provides the breadth, depth and scale to eliminate any uncertainty about what IT assets exist. With the uncertainty removed, you know what needs to be supported, managed, secured and reported.

Offering flexible discovery methods, Virima Discovery makes IT asset inventory management and tracking of configuration changes easy. Just set and forget it – Discovery will keep your asset and configuration inventory accurate, up-to-date, and available to everyone who needs to use it to make timely and accurate decisions.

Virima FLow

How does it work?

Virima Discovery works as both an agentless network discovery tool and can be installed as an agent on Windows operating systems.

Discovery Agent

Discovery agent or agentless deployment

Agentless discovery is most common for data centers, network infrastructure, cloud environments and edge devices that tend to stay connected to the network such as printers and workstations (things like servers, routers, VPN devices, SAN devices and databases).

For Windows-based devices that leave the network or get powered down on nights and weekends, the Discovery Agent can be  leveraged. The easy-to-deploy Virima Discovery Agent detects device configuration changes in real-time (like new software installs), tracks changes while the device roams off-network and transmits the information back to the discovery system when a connection is available.

Agentless Discovery
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Discovery Probes

Virima discovery leverages over 80 out-of-the-box discovery probes to identify what’s on your network, what’s running in the cloud and what software is installed. It also tells you how each of these components is configured.

  • .Net
  • AIX
  • Apache
  • Basic/Deep host
  • Certificate
  • Cisco CDP
  • Citrix
  • Connected Devices
  • Docker Host
  • F5
  • Hardware
  • HyperV
  • Installed Software
  • IP connection
  • IP Phone
  • Linux/Unix Packages
  • Port scan
  • Network Adapters
  • Oracle
  • Process
  • Registry
  • SNMP
  • SQL Server
  • SSH
  • Storage
  • Website
  • Windows Services
  • VCenter
  • WMI
  • VMWare ESXi

How discovery data be used.

How Discovery Data Should Be Used.

Discovery data is securely transmitted to the Virima cloud services where it is correlated and organized. Results are presented in a filterable view that can be easily moved to the Virima CMDB or a third-party CMDB solution.

Discovery data is used by Virima CMDB to automatically generate relationship, communication, application and service dependency maps. These maps are displayed in dynamic, personalized visualizations which are also available in Virima Enhanced ITSM and third-party CMDB/ITSM solutions such as ServiceNow and Cherwell.

Discovery flow

Why Virima Discovery?

  • Flexible agentless and agent-based deployment that easily scales to handle any size of distributed environment
  • Detect virtually any device/asset type (virtualized, containers, cloud, IoT)
  • Industry leading number of distinct probes perform deep discovery of hardware configurations and software installs
  • Power to create custom probes or probe extensions
  • Create set and forget discovery schedules so new devices and changes are automatically detected and recorded
  • Automatically generate dynamic, consumable relationship and dependency visualizations
  • Run instant rescans from map views to see how relationships and dependencies have changed
  • Ensure operating systems remain up to date and approved/required software versions are installed
  • Go beyond simple IT asset inventory management and experience the true value CMDB, ITAM, ITSM, ITOM
  • Respond to inventory, financial, security and compliance audits with confidence
  • Dozens of integrations including AWS, Azure, ServiceNow and Cherwell
  • Scan for out of date or soon to be expired Certificates

Top discovery use cases

CMDB Concept Image

Build a CMDB

Do you feel like CMDB (configuration management database) is a puzzle you can’t solve because there’s no automatic way to build and maintain it?

Discovery Resources


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