Agentless. Automatic. Thorough.

It’s time to stop guessing about every IT asset lurking in your data center or at the edge. A simple hardware inventory isn’t enough either. You need to know, with certainty, what you have and how each system is configured.

Virima Discovery features an agentless Discovery App which scans the network for all IT assets. Discovery App can run on a single physical or virtualized Windows server or combined with other Discovery Apps for ongoing discovery of disparate and physically separate environments (i.e. data centers, DMZs, edge networks, cloud). Discovery App data is securely sent to the Virima cloud where all of the data is organized and viewable in one place. Schedule scans to run multiple times a day for a current and accurate inventory of device configurations, software installs, major applications and web services. Discovery natively integrates with Virima’s ITAM and ITSM solutions but is also capable of building 3rd party CMDBs

Key features
  • Agentless network discovery via WMI, SSH, SNMP, port scan, custom probes
  • No impact on network or device performance
  • Perform deep scans of physical and virtual installs of Windows, Unix, Linux, and Mac for hardware configs, software, patches, processes, services & more
  • ID major applications & web services
  • Track network infrastructure, storage, medical, printers, edge devices, etc.
  • Customizable reports & dashboards
  • Run in any environment (i.e. data center, subnets, cloud, DMZ)
  • Capable of API integration with 3rd party CMDBs
  • Set & forget scheduling