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Virima provides the visibility and control needed to manage all IT assets & dependencies, keep up with change, improve service delivery, and respond to regulatory & compliance audits.
Virima Family of IT Management Solutions
Fast, agentless and accurate discovery of IT hardware, configurations, software and web services.
IT Asset Management
Flexible discovery plus automatic dependency mapping for total control of hardware assets, configuration changes, software licenses and cloud environments.
IT Service Management
Combine Discovery and ITAM with PINKVerify™ ITIL® processes, project management and self-service portal for a world-class ITSM platform at an incredible value.
Virima Features
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30-day trial
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30-day trial
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Easy to implement SaaS model
Support for over 90 languages
Personalized Dashboards & Customizable Reports
Role-based Access Controls


  • In-product support request feature
  • Email & phone

Agentless IT Asset Discovery

  • Set & forget network discovery of servers, desktops, network infrastructure, VOIP handsets, printers, medical devices, and much more
  • Detect hundreds of hardware configs
  • ID operating systems, virtual instances, installed software, patches and more
  • Discover web services
  • See results in hours, not days
  • Integrates with 3rd party tools such as CMDB & SEIM

Discovery Agent

  • Persistent agent for Windows and Mac desktops and servers
  • Discover even more attributes
  • Load for real-time notification of config changes & software installs
  • Receive roaming/SOHO device config change notifications over the Internet

Cloud Asset Management

  • API integration with AWS and Azure management consoles
  • Manage cloud assets such as AWS EC2 Instances & AMI’s, Azure Virtual Machines, load balancers, storage systems, security groups, etc.
  • Discover and track applications running in cloud environments.

Automatic Relationship Mapping

  • Dynamic visualizations of hardware & software relationships
  • Application Dependency Mapping
  • Communication flows
  • Service mapping across supporting infrastructure

PinkVERIFYTM ITIL® Service Asset and Config Management

  • Full-featured CMDB
  • Couple with Discovery for automatic change notification
  • History of every change

Hardware Asset Management

  • Hardware request & procurement
  • Installation of company image/software
  • Deployment
  • Use (Any problems? Needs upgrading? Accidental damage)
  • Storage/Not in use
  • End of warranty or maintenance
  • Retirement/Disposal

Software License Management & Metering

  • Identify the license information for Operating system and installed software
  • Tie license count to product installs
  • Track and report on Software usage

Contract Management

  • Manage and track vendor contracts in relation to Software and Hardware assets

Vendor Management

  • Identify and store vendor details in one place linked with IT assets
PinkVERIFYTM ITIL® Service Asset and Configuration Management
Autonomic Social DiscoveryTM

PinkVERIFYTM ITIL® Request Fulfillment

  • Generate request, approval and fulfillment workflows (i.e. employee onboarding, procurement, end user services…)
  • Automatically seek appropriate approvals following specified processes
  • Self-service portal for end users to submit and track requests (i.e. new laptop, systems access, password reset…)
  • Create a dashboard view of all open, in-process and recently fulfilled requests

PinkVERIFYTM ITIL® Change Management

  • Change review, logging, and submission
  • Change evaluation and approval
  • Change implementation and closure
  • Change calendar with outage tracking

PinkVERIFYTM ITIL® Incident Management

  • Incident logging, prioritization, routing, and handling
  • Incident status reporting
  • Incident communication and escalation

PinkVERIFYTM ITIL® Problem Management

  • Automatic problem creation from incidents and tickets
  • Track the flow of problem resolution from Incident phase through Change
  • Status reporting on unresolved, in-progress Problems and known-errors

PinkVERIFYTM ITIL® Knowledge Management

  • Enable better IT support by making information available to those who need it when they need it
  • Leverage Incident, Problem, & Change Management to drive incident classification and categorization
  • One-click Knowledge article generation from Incidents and Problems

Release Management

  • Bring predictability to rollout of new releases
  • Plan releases from a single, unified, accurate information source
  • ID phases, activities, and tasks including approvals, ownership & schedules
  • Tie releases to Changes, assets and services

Project Management

  • Manage the entire portfolio of IT projects and larger programs
  • Executive and resource level dashboards of project milestones & schedules
  • Link activities to change and release approval and execution workflows
  • Color-coded heat map provides bird’s eye view of all sub-projects and phase status
  • Easily ID which assets and services will be impacted
  • Track resource availability and allocate time to complete tasks
  • Risk register to ID, record, classify and managage project and task risks

Runbook Automation

  • Automatic handling of repetitive tasks such as password resets and user creation
  • Automatic cloud provisioning
  • Automatic deployment of common IT systems

Event Management

  • Manage alerts and events from various systems within a single repository
  • Integrate third party monitoring tools to create ITSM workflows
  • Identify the source of incidents and apply appropriate handling procedures
  • Analyze events based root-cause analysis

Service Catalog

  • Streamline service delivery by defining the way certain services should be executed
  • Reduce support costs by ensuring that costs allocated to those services are optimized to offer the greatest value
  • Improve the user experience by improving communication, expectations, and understanding of the services available
  • Improve IT efficiency by uncovering waste and redundancy, and facilitating economies of scale

Self Service Portal

  • Web portal for end-users to submit and track incidents and service requests
  • Post service catalog of available services
  • Publish knowledge articles and FAQs
  • Post alerts of known issues
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