Virima Partners

Certified partners are available to help you leverage Virima for short-term discovery and dependency mapping projects, complex integrations and developing mission critical programs based on best practices and customer experiences.

If you are interested in becoming a resale or implementation partner please contact us.
Curvature is a global IT infrastructure services company transforming how companies manage, maintain and optimize their digital infrastructure. Some of our IT Services include digital transformation, data center and cloud migration, IT Discovery and ITAM solutions.

David-Kenneth Group’s singular focus is to help organizations fundamentally transform how they deliver hybrid IT services. We offer strategic planning for hybrid enterprise, IT asset discovery, migrations, hybrid IT solutions, modernization and optimization, and disaster recovery/IT resiliency. Whether on- or off-premises, co-location or cloud, we help clients navigate their way in a hybrid world.

T4S Partners is a “Next Generation” consulting firm focused on effectively connecting systems, processes, people & insight to create compelling new customer solutions, optimize Corporate IT organization and assets, and transform enterprise service management functions. T4S offers extensive expertise with Cherwell Software, a Virima technology partner, including implementation and enhancements of third party integrations to tailor a truly optimized solution for each of their clients.

Obelisk Technology specializes in IT network and cyber security consulting services.  We deliver deep expertise, objective insights, a tailored approach and unparalleled collaboration to help our clients confidently face the future.  Our services & solutions span critical business problems in technology, security, risk, compliance, and internal IT audit.  Obelisk leverages Virima’s automated discovery and service mapping to rapidly provide the intelligence we need to confidently respond to our clients’ challenges.