How to Live without the IT Stress

It’s Monday morning and you are driving into work. It is probably early enough to beat traffic, a big coffee sits in the cup holder, and you’re listening to the radio. You are half-awake and in an almost Zen state as you roll past the miles.  You were out on Thursday and Friday at a family wedding and feeling relaxed.

As you enter the office your teeth unconsciously clench. You brace yourself for the mild-state of anxiety, slight bit of chaos, and the dull hum of demanding internal customers.  Starting to sound familiar?

It’s not that your customers are wrong.  It isn’t even that they are overly demanding. It is the constant state of defense that frustrates you. The service isn’t bad; it is ok.  When things are working, nobody notices. When things […]

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Adoption trumps functionality

S = Success Goals
O = On-boarding Process
A = User Adoption
R = Requirements Roadmap

The biggest challenge for organizations migrating from ad hoc IT management to IT asset and service management system is “adoption”. The system is only as good as the information in the system and if your users do not use the system in a systematic way, you will have holes in your “IT performance” program, documentation, audit defense, quality processes, and/or risk management.

User participation and engagement is critical to introducing a new change to the organization. Getting the users comfortable in the usability of the system, the new processes, and how to maximize the personal return on time invested is critical. This is especially true with cross-functional services. How do you roll out a set of services that impact every […]

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