ServiceNow Discovery and Service Mapping

Virima delivers affordable, flexible, feature-rich and easy to deploy discovery and service mapping option for ServiceNow.  Available as both SaaS and on prem, Virima’s deep discovery capabilities and automated dependency and relationship mapping gives ServiceNow customers a leg up on their digital transformation by ending the chaos of managing and securing today’s dynamic, dispersed and complex IT estate.

Benefits of integrating Virima with ServiceNow

Codeless integration and configuration

Integration to the ServiceNow CMDB is 100% codeless and a breeze to configure through Virima’s web admin portal.  There you choose from over 100 Virima blueprints to map to ServiceNow tables (including custom objects), ID which discovery properties you want to synch, and choose asset-specific correlators to ensure nothing is ever duplicated.

Flexible Discovery Options for Hybrid IT

Discovery options include scheduling agentless IP-based scans with over 140 extendable probes as well as an installable agent for work-from-home and roaming PC’s.  Additional discovery is performed via API integrations with popular hypervisor, cloud, network, storage and monitoring solutions.

ServiceNow CMDB automation

Choosing which Virima discovered assets or updates to move to the ServiceNow CMDB is also a snap.  Simply view all assets and updates from a filterable list in Virima and select which to copy to ServiceNow.  Business rules can be applied to automate the process for a hands-free approach to keeping the CMDB current.

Data accuracy and accessibility matters

Within the ServiceNow CMDB all synched assets and configuration properties are viewable.  New action links automatically appear in the CMDB record providing ITSM users the ability to rescan the asset and view available Business Service Maps.

Business Service Maps

Business Service Maps (BSM) provide consumable views of automatically generated infrastructure relationships, application/service dependencies, network topologies and system communications.  Virima BSM’s include ViVID™ (Virima Visualized Impact Display) overlays of ServiceNow Incidents and Changes.  ViVID greatly decreases the time to perform impact analysis of planned changes and identify the root causes of service disruptions.

Virima Discovery and Service Mapping highlights

  • Codeless integration, no admin agent required 
  • Flexible auto-discovery for hybrid IT environment
  • Keep your ServiceNow CMDB accurate and up to date at all times
  • Dynamic visualizations of hardware, application and service relationships, dependencies, and communications
  • Faster impact and root cause analysis with ViVID Business Service Map overlays
  • Enterprise functionality smartly priced for ServiceNow customers
  • Unleash your CMDB’s power to reduce MTTR and increase MTBF

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Customers looking for an affordable, feature-rich and easy to deploy ServiceNow discovery and service mapping solution have it with Virima.  Virima integrates with ServiceNow to help end the chaos of managing and securing today’s dynamic, dispersed and complex IT estate.

Use Cases

CMDB Concept Image

Build a CMDB

Do you feel like CMDB (configuration management database) is a puzzle you can’t solve because there’s no automatic way to build and maintain it?

Asset Discovery Concept

IT Asset Discovery

Whether your goal is to simply build and maintain a complete inventory of IT hardware, software and cloud assets or implement a full ITAM or ITSM program, Virima has you covered.