You’ve Decided You Need an ITAM Tool. Now What? (Part 2 of 2)

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Part 1 of this post focused on some key features your chosen IT asset management (ITAM) tool should have. It also discussed why every tool needs the support of people, processes, and complementary technologies to provide a complete solution. In this continuation, the focus is on what your business can and should expect from your chosen tool, and what you need to achieve those goals successfully.

ITAM: What Do We Want It To Do, Anyway?

As detailed in Part 1 of this post, there are several functions every ITAM tool must perform to deliver the business value. Here’s a summary.

  • Your tool must gather the best available information from all of your critical IT assets.
  • Your tool must consolidate your IT infrastructure knowledge in clear, actionable ways.
  • Your tool must populate and automatically update your configuration management database (CMDB).
  • Your tool must fully and seamlessly support your IT service management (ITSM) and IT operations management (ITOM) efforts.

ITAM: What You Need to Succeed

To get ITAM right, there are four questions you and your IT management team must answer.

Do we have the right people? ITAM requires detailed information about your IT assets, how they interoperate and interconnect, the business services and functions they support, and who is responsible for their operation, security, and support. Among other things. This means ITAM requires input from multiple business and technology experts and decision makers.

Do we have the right processes? ITAM, ITSM, ITOM, and related functions depend on processes that reflect your business’ specific goals, needs, and priorities. Those processes must be consistent, reliable, scalable, and changeable as business conditions change and tools evolve or are replaced. (See “Process Excellence: A Prerequisite for ITSM Success.”)

Do we have the right supporting technologies? To avoid IT management islands and silos, your tools and processes must “play well with others.” Specifically, at minimum, your ITAM efforts must interoperate with those assets, processes, and resources related to asset discovery, ITSM, and ITOM. Discovery is especially critical, because you cannot have truly comprehensive IT management without accurate, complete, timely knowledge about your IT asset inventory. (“See Effective Inventory Management: Your Best Defense Against Your Next IT Audit.”) And if your business has a CMDB, much of the information it contains should come directly from your chosen tool and related processes. (See “Is Your CMDB A Catalyst for IT Evolution?”)

Do we have executive management’s attention and support? How well your business does ITAM directly affects how well IT supports your business goals and needs. This means your executive leadership should be passionately interested in how well your IT estate is enabling that support. Which also means your chosen solutions and processes should include regular, business-focused reports to your executive team.

Success with ITAM can start with your selection of a tool, but also requires a commitment to supporting that tool with the right people and the best processes. That commitment is significant, but so are the benefits it will deliver, for your ITAM, ITSM, and ITOM efforts and for your business.

Virima: Your Partner for Comprehensive ITAM

Virima’s solutions for discovery, ITAM, ITSM, and ITOM can help you maximize the effectiveness and business value of your IT estate. Virima solutions can automatically discover and map those critical IT resources and the interconnections that link them to one another, your applications and services, and your users. And Virima’s autonomic social discovery features can help your team “crowdsource” critical information about your IT assets.

Virima solutions are easy to use and configure, and designed to work well with each other. They also produce useful, actionable reports about your IT environment, for your IT team and your business leaders. These features can help your IT management team be more effective, efficient, and proactive, maximizing the business value, reliability, and security of your IT estate. Learn more about Virima’s solutions online, or contact Virima today.

Mike Bombard

Mike Bombard

Mike Bombard COO Virima Technologies - Mike joined Virima Technologies (Atlanta, GA) in 2010 and oversees Virima ITAM/ITSM SaaS product sales, marketing and field services organizations. He has been providing solutions to solve complex IT challenges in a variety of industries for over 25 years.

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