Virima Adds New Managed SaaS Services

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Saas IT Asset Management: Increases platform adoption while reducing TCO

Getting new software tools up and running is exciting. There’s the hope that productivity will improve and long-simmering problems will come to an end. You’re hoping everything works in real life as it did in the POC and vendor demo. But the big day arrives and it seems there’s a steeper learning curve than you anticipated. You need additional FTEs and maybe even some consultants to get things fully integrated and ensure maximum adoption.

Virima’s Managed SaaS Services (MSS) smashes through barriers to implementation and adoption, ensuring that your goals for using Virima are achieved.

You see, when you use Virima and our Saas IT Asset Management, we get you up and running fast by creating the configurations, reports, probes and other items you need to hit the ground running. And Managed SaaS Services can be used not just in the implementation phase, but anytime you have new goals for using Virima.

Unlike traditional tech support, Virima’s dedicated MSS team does the work for you so no staff member needs to be burdened with becoming the “expert”. Users simply submit requests from within Virima for the MSS team to complete. Most common requests will be completed within the same day.

With MSS, we also monitor your Virima system and suggest ways to improve results and further drive adoption.  This ensures your staff is benefitting from all of Virima’s timesaving features without needing to perform any of the necessary configuration changes. This not only makes Virima easier to use but also significantly lowers your TCO.

MSS (our new Saas IT Asset Management) is also very affordable with yearly plans starting as low as $750 per month. Existing customers can add MSS to run concurrently with their existing Virima subscription.

MSS benefits:

  • Improved adoption and lowered TCO because MSS reduces the learning curve.
  • Cost savings due to reduced need for dedicated FTEs or expensive consultants.
  • Most requests are completed within 24 hours by the dedicated MSS team, keeping your projects on track and on budget.
  • MSS hours can be used for any non-code development work (i.e. report generation, form field add/remove, discovery scan creation, rules or workflow creation, run book automation scripting, etc.)

Drop us a note if you’d like more details on Saas IT Asset Management.

Mike Bombard

Mike Bombard

Mike Bombard COO Virima Technologies - Mike joined Virima Technologies (Atlanta, GA) in 2010 and oversees Virima ITAM/ITSM SaaS product sales, marketing and field services organizations. He has been providing solutions to solve complex IT challenges in a variety of industries for over 25 years.

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