How Adding Marketing and Sales to Your IT Management Portfolio Can Improve User Satisfaction

Because your users are also your clients

You may not think marketing and sales are parts of IT management very often, or at all, but as an IT manager, you must be prepared to address these challenges too. Fortunately, effective, comprehensive IT management can help you do so successfully, and increase user satisfaction and productivity and IT business value.

Your Users, Your Clients

Every time you launch a new IT-powered application, resource or service, its intended users’ broad and rapid adoption drive its success. To maximize adoption, you must do more than simply toss the new offering into the marketplace and at those users. You must also promote your new application and encourage your target audience to buy and use it, before, during and after the launch.

Such marketing and sales efforts may be unfamiliar […]

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Child Identity Theft: Old Crimes, New Victims

Are Your Children’s Identities Safe at School?

The school year has now started in much of the world. Christmas and other end-of-year holidays are approaching. This chronology highlights a particularly insidious cyber security threat: the theft of children’s identities.

As reported during August 2018, a study found more than 1 million children were victims of identity fraud during 2017. The resulting costs? Approximately $2.6 billion.

“With limited financial history or existing account activity, children are the most likely to become victims of new-account fraud, the research showed. These attacks can occur before children even become active Internet users, with some two-thirds of victims being under the age of eight.”

Sadly, research indicates a family or friend commits approximately one-third of child identity theft. Hackers, however, are increasingly targeting children for identity theft as […]

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Intelligent Automation: The Answer to Your IT Skills Shortage

Don’t Grow Your Team – Amplify It

The IT skills shortage of today reminds me of a story from the 18th century.

As the story goes, the composer and musician Franz Josef Haydn decided his orchestra needed a break from its extended “working vacation” at the summer palace of his patron, Prince Nicolas Esterházy; however, no one dared complain to the prince. Haydn, therefore, wrote a symphony (#45 in F sharp) with an ending that spoke for him and his orchestra. As the piece ended, one by one, each musician stood, extinguished the candle in front of him and walked from the stage, until only two remained. The popular name of the piece was the “Farewell” Symphony. The prince received the message, and everyone was able to go home to his family soon […]

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Trust AND Verify: IT Management Needs the Best Data

Can You Trust Your CMDB?

There is a powerfully true aphorism about computing that’s been around for decades: “garbage in, garbage out.” And it has never been more true – or more important – than when it is applied to the challenges of modern IT management.

Your business absolutely requires consolidated, powerful, flexible, and reliable IT resources to do business. And those resources are the foundation upon which your business is building its path toward digital transformation. Your IT infrastructure must therefore be as available, reliable, secure, and highly performant as possible. All the time. Everywhere.

None of this is possible without effective management of your IT estate. And such management is impossible without accurate, complete, up-to-date information about what’s going on across your IT infrastructure.

IT Management: Too Much Data, Not Enough Actionable Information

To […]

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IT: The Opposite of Silicon Valley

Why IT Can’t and Shouldn’t Ever “Fail Fast”

Modern-day entrepreneurs and IT management frequently repeat an admonition popular in and beyond Silicon Valley: “fail fast.” The thinking behind the words? Build it, ship it, learn from how it fails, and make it better. You’ll get to success faster than you would by building it, then testing it repeated times before shipping it.

With IT, the goal, whether expressed or implied, is exactly the opposite. IT needs to “succeed fast” with every new deployment or upgrade. Any failures must be brief, limited in scope, and resolved quickly to minimize risk to the business. Even if those failures are caused by outside threats.

Those risks can be significant, according to National Cyber Security Alliance research reported in May 2017 by The Alliance found as many […]

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