Why Patch Management is Not Asset Management

In this era of heightened focus on cyber security, patch management is an increasingly popular and urgent subject of discussion among IT leaders and their teams. In fact, some argue that patch management is most if not all of the asset management their organizations need.

This is not the case. At all.

Patch Management: Essential, But Not Sufficient

Patch management is an essential element of any comprehensive, effective IT management strategy. But it is only a part of the set of challenges referred to as IT asset management (ITAM).

Patch management addresses the need for software to receive timely updates as new protections are released in response to new threats. And patch management is certainly its own set of significant challenges. IT and cyber security leaders must keep track of update releases, and get timely […]

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Process Excellence: A Prerequisite for ITSM Success

Everybody in IT talks about processes. But how well do yours work, how do you know, and how do you make and keep them the best that can be?

For decades now, many have described success with IT as reliant upon a “three-legged stool” of people, process, and technology. For almost as long, it’s been an open secret that of the three, the process leg is often the shortest and most wobbly.

What’s Wrong with Most ITSM Processes?

They’re poorly documented, if at all.

They’re poorly enforced, if at all.

They’re rarely evaluated and updated or replaced as necessary, if at all.

Processes are exactly like every other IT and business asset. You can’t manage them, let alone optimize them, if you don’t know anything about them.

Process Excellence: 6 Things To Do Now

Catch them if you can. […]

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Effective Inventory Management: Your Best Defense Against Your Next IT Audit

IT audits. Whether requested or required to true up software licenses, update and reconcile asset inventories, assess cyber security, or comply with regulatory requirements, IT audits are as essential as they are dreaded. Herewith, some thoughts on audits and how to make them less onerous.

IT Audits: Known Knowns, Known Unknowns, and Unknown Unknowns

You may have first heard the phrase “unknown unknowns” when US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld uttered it during a news briefing in 2002. But the term has been around since the 1950s. Today, it is commonly used by project managers and strategic planners, but is the bane of many IT leaders and teams as well.

Why? Because unknown unknowns trigger undesirable responses from those who conduct IT audits. Whatever triggers it and whoever requests or demands it, all IT […]

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Multi-Cloud Deployments: How to Pierce the Fog

What is even more challenging than deploying an application on a cloud computing platform? Deploying multiple applications on multiple cloud platforms.

Multiple Clouds, Multiple Challenges

Cloud computing deployments already challenge your IT management tools, processes, and people. After all, anyone with internet access and a credit card can spin up cloud computing resources in minutes, without the knowledge or approval of your IT team. Which means any of those resources can create disruptive management challenges and cyber security vulnerabilities.

To make matters more challenging, your business is likely pursuing or considering more than one cloud computing deployment. Which means it is likely considering or has already chosen more than one cloud computing platform. Which means more than one set of could computing resources, and more than one cloud computing resource vendor relationship, to manage.

Your […]

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Is Your CMDB a Catalyst for IT Evolution?

As your business grows and evolves, so must its IT estate. And no part of your IT estate is more critical to that evolution than your configuration management database (CMDB). Herewith, a look at how your CMDB can support IT evolution, and what it needs to do so effectively, now and in the future.

Your CMDB and IT Service Management (ITSM)

Your CMDB is the “single version of the truth” about your IT environment. In that role, it provides the information that drives the ITSM processes and decisions that keep your environment available, functioning, and secure. Your CMDB provides equally fundamental support to all IT asset management (ITAM) and IT operations management (ITOM) processes and decisions. A comprehensive, well-managed CMDB is absolutely essential if your business is to move beyond reactive, “break-fix” IT […]

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