The Problems with Your IT Problem Management

There are tasks being done that are called “problem management” at every type and size of business. But it turns out many if not most of those tasks fall short of the accepted definition of true, proactive problem management.

Problem Management: What It Is and Is Not

The IT Process Wiki says “Problem Management aims to manage the lifecycle of all Problems. The primary objectives of this ITIL process are to prevent Incidents from happening, and to minimize the impact of incidents that cannot be prevented. ‘Proactive Problem Management’ analyzes Incident Records, and uses data collected by other IT Service Management processes to identify trends or significant Problems.”

Unfortunately, at too many organizations, there’s insufficient clarity about the things that distinguish problems from incidents. This confusion has been a challenge to IT managers […]

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Your CMDB: Your ITSM-ITOM Connection

A previous post, “ITSM and ITOM: How They Align, How They Differ, and Why They Matter,” defined IT service management (ITSM) and IT operations management (ITOM) and discussed their similarities and differences. That post also said a configuration management database (CMDB) is a critical success factor for both ITSM and ITOM efforts and initiatives. This follow-up delves into how and why the CMDB enhances IT management.

Why Your CMDB Is Critical

It is quite possible that the very name “configuration management database” creates a type of myopia about the CMDB and its importance. The name seems to imply that a CMDB is a static repository of details about the devices in your IT estate. However, a modern CMDB is much, much more than that.

As TechTarget’s explains, an effective CMDB “contains all […]

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You’ve Decided You Need an ITAM Tool. Now What? (Part 2 of 2)

Part 1 of this post focused on some key features your chosen IT asset management (ITAM) tool should have. It also discussed why every tool needs the support of people, processes, and complementary technologies to provide a complete solution. In this continuation, the focus is on what your business can and should expect from your chosen tool, and what you need to achieve those goals successfully.

ITAM: What Do We Want It To Do, Anyway?

As detailed in Part 1 of this post, there are several functions every ITAM tool must perform to deliver the business value. Here’s a summary.

  • Your tool must gather the best available information from all of your critical IT assets.
  • Your tool must consolidate your IT infrastructure knowledge in clear, actionable ways.
  • Your tool must populate and automatically […]
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You’ve Decided You Need an ITAM Tool. Now What? (Part 1 of 2)

IT asset management (ITAM) is critical to effective delivery and management of the IT-powered services that drive your business. But despite what some vendors and pundits might have you believe, a tool does not a complete solution make. Here are some things to consider before you make any purchase decisions.

ITAM: What Do You Expect Your Tool to Do?

This is likely a question you and your team have already begun to address, as it is critical to setting your selection priorities appropriately. Here are four things you should consider evaluating as you consider that question.

Will the tool gather the best possible information from all of our critical IT assets? Your tool must be able to access and gather all the data you need from all of the assets that matter most to […]

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ITSM and ITOM: How They Align, How They Differ, and Why They Matter

Two of the topics most frequently discussed among IT folks are IT service management, or ITSM, and IT operations management, or ITOM. Between the two, ITOM is perceived by many as the “new(er) kid on the block.” However, this is a pretty meaningless distinction. ITSM and ITOM are inextricably intertwined, similar, different, and equally critical to success with business IT.

ITSM and ITOM: What Are They, Exactly?

TechTarget’s resource is a great starting point for understanding the similarities and differences that unite and separate ITSM and ITOM. According to that worthy resource, ITSM “is a general term that describes a strategic approach to design, deliver, manage and improve the way businesses use information technology (IT). ITSM includes all the discrete activities and processes that support a service throughout its lifecycle, from service […]

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