It’s common knowledge default passwords are a security risk – especially when the same password is built into hardware from a vendor. Most companies are diligent about changing default passwords as a part of the device-provisioning process, but failure to take this critical step for even a single device can lead to disastrous consequences.

The US and UK governments recently issued a warning that foreign governments were sponsoring cyberattacks aimed at exploiting the vulnerability default passwords create in network infrastructure. This isn’t an isolated occurrence – devices with default passwords are an easy target for hackers since they can then authenticate malicious code and unauthorized devices, thus penetrating your company’s IT environment without your knowledge until it is too late.

Fortunately, this is a vulnerability your IT staff can easily identify with the right tools – closing the door to unauthorized intruders and identifying any rogue devices that may have already penetrated your company’s IT defenses. Virima is one of these right tools (and a leader in this kind of protection), combining robust discovery capabilities with a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) solution to aggregate collected data and robust visualization tools to interpret findings to create actionable insights for decision makers. Here is an overview of how Virima will help you address the default password risk:


Scan your infrastructure for default passwords on devices from common suppliers. Predefined scans are available for the most common device suppliers that ship products with default credentials.

  • Network Devices – Cisco, Juniper, Arista and Dell and top wireless equipment manufacturers
  • Servers – Dell, HP, IBM and more
  • Operating Systems – Windows, Mac and Linux

Run the scan once or schedule it as part of your continuous monitoring strategy. Define specific IP ranges to ensure both your internal- and external-facing environments are secured. All discovered “open” assets are tagged as “unsecure” in the CMDB for ease of reporting.


Convert the discovered data into actionable insights to drive improvements. Informed decisions lead to confident actions.

  • Monitor risk exposure: Total number of assets discovered with default passwords
  • Identify vulnerability targets: List of assets currently with default passwords
  • Track remediation progress: Assets that have had default passwords for more than 30 days
  • Assess provisioning Issues: New assets discovered during the last 30 days with default passwords

Take Action

Customizable alerts and reports provide notifications when a vulnerability is discovered, so your IT staff can act quickly and decisively to mitigate risks to your organization.

  • Send alert emails to administrative staff
  • Create a report of all unsecure devices
  • Integrate scan findings into the CMDB or “Risk Management” dashboards

Hackers know about the opportunities default passwords present to them and the risks they pose to their targets. Don’t fall prey to their malicious intent – take action today. Virima will help you understand your company’s risk exposure and provide you with the information you need to take action to keep your operations and data secure. Learn more about how to make the IT asset security circle unbreakable and why linking assets, configurations and change management is critical by downloading our whitepaper here.

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