Easily discover your on-premise assets and cloud resources with Virima IT Asset Discovery

Virima’s holistic IT asset discovery software helps you find your assets across data centers, edge, and cloud environments. The extendable probes automatically discover thousands of physical and virtual computer, network, and storage assets.



Visualise your entire IT ecosystem with Virima’s CMDB

Virima CMDB transforms your service delivery by leveraging automated discovery to populate and maintain accurate configuration data. Get insightful CMDB visualizations of asset relationships, service dependencies, and availability status with intuitive dashboards and ViVID Services Maps.


Service Mapping

Eliminate the guesswork with ViVID™ Service Mapping

Through advanced infrastructure discovery, machine-learned dependency mapping, Autonomic Social Discovery™️ and the Virima Visual Impact Display (ViVID™️), Virima service mapping helps organizations understand the complex and dynamic connection between business services and the technology and people that support them.



Maintain a complete asset inventory, reduce costs, and enforce policy compliance with Virima IT Asset Management

Virima’s comprehensive IT asset management capabilities help you automate end-to-end lifecycle for software licences, hardware assets, and cloud resources—on one platform.


Cybersecurity Asset Management

Identify, classify, track, and manage all your IT assets with Virima’s Cybersecurity Asset Management

Virima’s comprehensive Cybersecurity Asset Management capabilities help you reduce the risk of cyber attacks by providing a holistic view of your IT environment and identifying potential vulnerabilities.


Windows Discovery Agent

Manage, track, and secure your on-premise and extended Windows environments with Virima’s Windows Discovery Agent.

Windows Discovery Agent enables continuous monitoring and usage tracking of software on servers and PCs. You can easily deploy it from Virima UI, Discovery App, or via Virima-provided MSI on Microsoft SCCM and other tools.



Optimize your business processes and increase availability of business services with Virima’s ITSM

Powered by Discovery, automated CMDB and ViVID Service Mapping, Virima provides ITIL-compliant ITSM to help you keep up with and assess the risks of change, quickly resolve and prevent incidents, reduce calls to the help desk, and deliver better customer service.



Virima’s ITOM Essentials: All-in-One or Integrated ITSM Solution

Virima’s ITOM features can help manage IT infrastructure and operations efficiently, from discovery and automation to monitoring and reporting. You can integrate with popular ITSM platforms (ServiceNow, Cherwell, Jira) seamlessly, avoiding costly displacements or disruptions.



Acquire and retain customers with Virima MSP

Leverage Virima MSP to differentiate your consulting, managed support & hosting services and offer new high-value services to customers — increasing MRR and reducing churn.