How Good is Your Change Management Process?

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When it comes to Change Management processes, just pretty good can get you in big trouble. Sure you have an established process but can you say it’s always followed? Even when change requests follow the proper approval process you still have to deal with deviations that often go undocumented.

Say it’s a web server or database upgrade.  It’s not uncommon for Systems Engineers to make a few “tweaks” on the fly and either forget or choose not to document them.  Why?  Maybe they’re too busy to report “small” changes or perhaps any changes need to go to CAB but there’s no time for all that “bureaucracy”.

Why is this a problem?  The “tweak” itself could be harmful or break something else that doesn’t get detected for a while.  When it does manifest as a problem (seemingly always going into a weekend) changes are reviewed but the culprit isn’t in the change documentation!  Or, it might not have an immediate impact, but when subsequent changes are made (based on inaccurate documentation) they can fail and it’s almost impossible to determine why.

What can be done to prevent this?  Change process training is a good start but there also has to be process enforcement.  “Trust but verify” ring any bells?  What you need is a tool that adapts to your processes and automatically alerts you to device-level configuration deviations.

Virima’s VirimaTM does just that.  It allows changes to be tracked through the request and approval process and automatically verifies what actually changed.  Deviations trigger alerts and you have a complete history so reverting back to previous configurations is a snap. No more hoping things were done right.  Verify it!

Try this live demo of Virima (no registration required) and experience hassle free change management and configuration validation. If you prefer a guided tour or want to learn more about our incredibly inexpensive licensing model, schedule a time on my calendar here.

Mike Bombard

Mike Bombard

Mike Bombard COO Virima Technologies - Mike joined Virima Technologies (Atlanta, GA) in 2010 and oversees Virima ITAM/ITSM SaaS product sales, marketing and field services organizations. He has been providing solutions to solve complex IT challenges in a variety of industries for over 25 years.

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