Virima Launches Free IT Discovery Tool

Virima Launches Free IT Discovery Tool

Provides Greater Certainty of On-Premise and Cloud IT Assets

Big news! Today we announced an expansion of our Virima® SaaS platform with the release of Discovery, a free IT asset discovery tool based on our flagship IT Asset Management (ITAM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions.

This new addition brings the power of Virima’s flexible agentless and agent-based discovery capabilities to companies that simply need to build and maintain a complete inventory of IT hardware and software assets. It also makes it easy to find devices meeting specific search criteria (i.e. device blueprint, OS type, IP range) with filtered views that can be saved for future use.

“Maintaining an accurate IT inventory has always been a challenge but the explosion of virtual assets in the data center and cloud plus all the multi-device users at the edge, has really made it difficult for IT ops, security, help desk and purchasing to keep up” said Mike Bombard, Virima’s Chief Operating Officer. “Although many IT discovery tools exist, they are often too cumbersome or expensive to fully implement, only work with a few device or OS types, or require software to first be installed on every asset. Virima can thoroughly discover IT assets with little time and effort, even in the largest of environments” added Bombard.

Virima Discovery replaces manual record keeping and the need for open source/ad-based offerings which can be difficult to support and provide limited coverage of the wide range of assets found in today’s IT ecosystems. Discovery solves these challenges by providing automatic discovery of most network connected devices including physical and virtual servers, desktops, network infrastructure, storage, printers and other edge devices. In addition, it also provides deep discovery of hardware configurations and operating system details such as installed software, patches, processes, network services, IP connections and web services. It can even pull asset information from cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure environments so everything can be inventoried in one place.

And Discovery promotes collaboration. Multiple IT personnel can configure repeatable scans in any environment (i.e. data center, edge or DMZ subnets, remote offices, cloud) and the results are automatically and securely uploaded to the Virima cloud where the data can be displayed in personalized views to anyone with proper permissions. This provides teams of all sizes with greater visibility and control over IT assets- and the changes made to them- for improved support, tighter security, and better decision making.

Best of all, Virima Discovery is free for two organizational users and there is no limitation on the number of assets or scanned environments. Additional seats are available for $149 per month or only $99 per month with a 1 year plan. Customers receive unlimited seats when upgrading to Virima’s complete ITAM solution which includes ITIL®-certified CMDB and automatic relationship and dependency mapping. Virima ITAM starts at only five dollars per managed asset per year.

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