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Cloud asset management with Virima for SMBs

Cloud asset management

Cloud gives you all the flexibility you need and it lets you scale your infrastructure to meet changing demands. But what if you want to track your cloud assets as easily as if they were on-premise? Enter, Virima, an end-to-end IT cloud asset management solution.

It is a full provider for multi-cloud. The company’s purpose-built SaaS platform delivers an all-in-one solution for IT cloud asset management — giving smaller businesses access to enterprise-grade capabilities at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

With Virima, you can automate the process of managing those pesky virtual machines by integrating with your cloud provider management consoles. Virima helps you track your assets no matter where they are. With Virima’s cloud-based CMDB, you can manage your virtual machines, AWS EC2 instances, Azure Virtual Machines, and many more assets just as easily as if they were on-premise.

Cloud asset management doesn’t have to be hard—Virima makes it easy!

Virima Technologies is an end-to-end IT asset management (ITAM) solutions provider for multicloud. 

Virima’s platform enables administrators to view real-time information about their entire network infrastructure from a single dashboard.

As more workloads move to cloud environments, organizations face managing a growing number of technology assets and dependencies, creating a more complex infrastructure that often requires significant time and resources to manage.

This complexity is partly due to the fact that many applications rely heavily on third-party components or tools that may not fully integrate with the primary application or may assume certain conditions (e.g., storage capacity) in order to function properly within an organization’s infrastructure.

As your organization’s IT operations become increasingly complex, you need an asset management solution that can provide visibility into both internal and external components. This is such that you can easily find out where things are defective, why they are defective and how best to fix them.

Virima is the only ITAM solution to offer the full spectrum of ITAM capabilities in the cloud. It provides automated end-to-end lifecycle management for physical, virtual and cloud assets across servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices and network infrastructures. 

Virima  also offers best practices tools such as asset discovery services through Virima Discovery so you can manage your assets from end to end. Besides, we have built our own reporting engine such that there’s no need for third party add-ons or integrations.

ITAM and multi-cloud

ITAM is a key component of a multi-cloud strategy because it helps to manage and control the cloud environment, ensuring that companies have full visibility into their cloud usage costs. With Virima’s platform, you can easily track your IT assets no matter where they are located in AWS or Azure, whether they are on-premise servers or virtual machines (VMs). This eliminates the need for manual monitoring and data collection methods that are prone to human error and require high maintenance costs.

As ITAM is such an important part of any enterprise-level use case, we wanted to ensure we were delivering solutions that meet those needs head-on. That’s why our team spent over three years building our own proprietary software for tracking physical assets as well as VMs across multiple clouds—giving us all of this functionality out-of-the-box at no additional cost.

Why you need an ITAM solution

Whether you are a small or medium business (SMB) or a large enterprise, IT asset management is a critical component of any IT operations strategy. The need for an ITAM solution grows in importance as your organization’s size and complexity grows.

Your organization needs an effective ITAM solution because it:

  • Helps you maintain control over your IT assets
  • Reduces costs by optimizing your IT spend
  • Mitigates risk and avoids security breaches
  • Complies with regulations

How ITAM software reduces IT costs

Automates processes

ITAM software can automate and streamline a wide range of business processes, from asset management to change management. This allows you to save time on manual tasks, which frees up resources for more productive work. Further savings can be realized through the automation of standard reporting and approval processes that reduce costs by improving efficiency.

Reduces time spent on maintenance

ITAM solutions make it easier for you to keep track of your IT assets by automating many maintenance tasks such as software license tracking and compliance audits. In addition, ITAM solutions monitor an asset’s performance continuously. If there are any issues with performance or security that require attention from your team, then these are automatically flagged. This means less time spent manually chasing down problems.

Reduces time spent on compliance

Software licenses need to be tracked carefully so they can be renewed before they expire. Therefore, any reduction in this process leads directly into cost savings when compared against manual labour. Additionally, if a system fails due to lack of licensing, then this could lead directly into downtime. This also impacts revenue negatively. Therefore, avoiding such situations helps save money too!

How the Virima ITAM platform differs from other ITAM software

Virima differs from other ITAM solutions in that it has been  purpose-built for the cloud and is SaaS. It also integrates with multiple clouds and doesn’t rely on a single provider to operate. In addition to being cloud-agnostic, Virima is a multicloud ITAM solution. It can integrate into a number of different public cloud environments. Now, customers who want to use AWS can do so without sacrificing access to data in Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Virima updates and validates asset data in real-time from multiple sources and integrates with existing operations management systems.

Virima is a cloud-based ITAM solution that updates and validates asset data in real-time from multiple sources. The platform integrates with existing operations management systems, so you can seamlessly manage your assets across the entire organization. Virima is an end-to-end ITAM SaaS platform. Therefore, there’s no need for hardware or software to be installed on your servers or desktops.

Smaller businesses need ITAM too!

You might be surprised to learn that ITAM is not just for large enterprises. Smaller businesses need ITAM too! The cloud is a great place to run your business, but it’s also a digital maze.

You have to manage servers and applications in the cloud. However, you also need to make sure that those services are accessible from on-premise resources. You need to be able to discover what services are running where and what dependencies they have on other services. And then you need to make sure those dependencies are being managed properly.

With Virima, you can do all of this and more. We’ve created an app called Discovery that runs within the cloud environment for application discovery and dependency mapping. Now, you can fully manage your cloud-based apps and identify dependencies to on-premise resources. You can also tie everything back to the business services they support.

Use Virima’s request, change, and release workflows to make sure the cloud environments are correctly built in the first place. This reduces cloud sprawl and ensures applications are built on properly-sized environments that are developer, IT, and IT Sec-approved.

Virima offers a solution that is affordable and easy to use, built for the cloud, and easy to implement and provides an easy way for SMBs to manage their assets in cloud environments. It also offers a built-in analytics platform to help IT leaders understand how their IT assets are performing, spot potential problems before they become serious issues, and make decisions about where best to invest resources.

So, if you are looking for cloud asset management, give Virima a try by requesting a demo!

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