Cover Your Assets: The Path Toward Digital Transformation

Your company either is or soon will be considering or pursuing some initiative related to digital transformation. Those efforts promise great rewards, but also come with considerable risks, to your company and your career. Here are some ideas about how to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks. Digital Transformation: What It Means and Why [...]

Do You Have Critical Business Systems Running Under People’s Desks?

During the late 90’s and early 2000’s, it wasn’t uncommon for IT staff (and even some business users) to have essential business systems running on servers sitting in their cubicles and/or under their desks. In some cases, data center space wasn’t available, and in other cases, some employees blatantly eschewed company IT policies. While the [...]

When Patients’ Lives Are on the Line, a Guess Isn’t Good Enough

An IT system outage in most companies is frustrating and it may be disruptive. At healthcare companies, however, where the lives and well-being of patients are on the line with every procedure and every action your staff takes, system outages can become life or death situations very quickly. For the IT staff that support healthcare [...]

Drive Better Decisions with IT Asset Management

Companies expect their IT departments to provide a set of systems and services to enable business agility, ensure robust user experiences and manage technology risk for their organization. That is a tall order, especially for a function that is also under intense pressure to manage (lower) operational costs.  For IT leaders, the completeness and accuracy [...]

Digital Transformation Requires a Better Understanding of Your IT Environment

Digital Transformation of Business has been one of the most common trends in the IT industry during the past few years as companies consider new ways to leverage and embed technology into their business processes. From big data and IoT to Cloud Services and digitally enabled user experiences, there is no question technology is changing [...]

Three Layers of Dependencies in Your IT Environment

Without a doubt, IT environments are complex. With cloud services, 3rd party components and employees bringing their own devices (BYOD) to work, it can be sometimes difficult to determine what you have, where they are located and how the different pieces of your IT puzzle fit together. With digitally enabled business processes and users relying [...]

Discovering assets after a merger or acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a common part of the business environment and can be an effective means of growing your company’s products, services, customer base and market footprint.  Unfortunately, mergers and acquisitions can also be a real headache for your IT staff.  When two companies come together, they typically have two independent IT environments [...]

Discover Underutilized Technology Assets in Your IT Environment

IT organizations spend plenty of money each year deploying and maintaining technology assets – from the centralized servers and network devices to the desktop and laptop devices for end-users. With shrinking profit margins and increasing competition in the marketplace, company leaders are increasingly looking to CIOs and IT leaders to improve the efficiency of technology [...]

Know the Data You Have – Not Just the Data You Think You Have

Don’t be surprised the next time you look for IT asset data. Whether you are trying to resolve a major incident, planning a technology migration, assessing a security risk or effectively managing IT costs – accurate and complete data of your IT assets and their relationships are essential to make data-driven decisions. For most companies, [...]