Know the Data You Have – Not Just the Data You Think You Have

Don’t be surprised the next time you look for IT asset data. Whether you are trying to resolve a major incident, planning a technology migration, assessing a security risk or effectively managing IT costs – accurate and complete data of your IT assets and their relationships are essential to make data-driven decisions. For most companies, [...]

Do You Have the Visibility to Manage Hybrid Environments or Is the Picture a Bit Cloudy?

There are very few companies today with an exclusively on-premise or purely cloud IT environment. With the proliferation of SaaS and PaaS offerings providing the innovative features business users desire in addition to the need for on-premise connectivity to end-user devices, hybrid IT environments are the norm for modern businesses. For IT departments tasked with [...]

Are Your Discovery Tools Showing You the Big Picture of Your IT Ecosystem?

Do you know about all the components in your IT ecosystem? Do you know how they connect and interact with each other? Do you understand how traffic flows throughout users’ day? If you are relying exclusively on discovery tools and your Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to help you answer these questions, then there is probably [...]

Avoiding Stragglers During Your Next Data Center Migration

The time will come when every company must upgrade its data center infrastructure. Sometimes, it isn’t as simple as upgrading a few outdated devices – but recently, companies are deciding that a complete data center migration is needed. The drivers may be space, cooling, power, aging facilities or simply cost savings. A company may also [...]

Do Your Change Management Tools Alert You to Unplanned Changes?

Change management is great – funneling changes through a common set of processes to ensure the proper reviews occur and your CMDB is updated; however, how do you know what your change management process is missing? It’s the proverbial question: How do you know what you don’t know? The answer: Seek another point of view. [...]

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words – It’s Worth Even More If It’s a Picture of Your CMDB Data

The configuration data in your CMDB is some of the most complex your company has. With list after list of records and complex webs of dependencies, even technology experts have difficulty comprehending its complete scope and many nuances. Adding to the difficulty is the data is continuously changing, as your IT environment evolves and its [...]