Strengthen Your Defenses Against Phishing, Botnets, and Other Cyber Threats

Cyber threats are in the news nearly constantly, and are (or should be) top of mind for executives at every size and type of company. The Global Risks Report 2018, produced by the World Economic Forum, ranks cyber attacks as the third most pressing threat worldwide. Herewith, some specific concerns, and how you can address [...]

Cover Your Assets: The Path Toward Digital Transformation

Your company either is or soon will be considering or pursuing some initiative related to digital transformation. Those efforts promise great rewards, but also come with considerable risks, to your company and your career. Here are some ideas about how to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks. Digital Transformation: What It Means and Why [...]

Do You Have Critical Business Systems Running Under People’s Desks?

During the late 90’s and early 2000’s, it wasn’t uncommon for IT staff (and even some business users) to have essential business systems running on servers sitting in their cubicles and/or under their desks. In some cases, data center space wasn’t available, and in other cases, some employees blatantly eschewed company IT policies. While the [...]