Discover Underutilized Technology Assets in Your IT Environment

IT organizations spend plenty of money each year deploying and maintaining technology assets – from the centralized servers and network devices to the desktop and laptop devices for end-users. With shrinking profit margins and increasing competition in the marketplace, company leaders are increasingly looking to CIOs and IT leaders to improve the efficiency of technology [...]

Connect the Dots – Relationship Mapping to Drive Asset Management Insights

Modern companies depend on technology to enable them to compete and to function. Managing complex IT environments cost-effectively to ensure business users receive the capabilities they need to be successful can be challenging. IT leaders rely on information from their asset management systems to provide a clear picture of their assets, their use and how [...]

Know the Data You Have – Not Just the Data You Think You Have

Don’t be surprised the next time you look for IT asset data. Whether you are trying to resolve a major incident, planning a technology migration, assessing a security risk or effectively managing IT costs – accurate and complete data of your IT assets and their relationships are essential to make data-driven decisions. For most companies, [...]