Are You Confident Your Security Patches Are the Latest Versions?

Every day, the information-security community is identifying new threats, new software bugs and other security vulnerabilities that put your company at risk from Denial of Service Attacks, malware, unauthorized access to sensitive data and other hazards. To protect your systems, data and operations from these threats, it is essential security patches and vendor-recommended fixes be [...]

Communicating the Impacts of Major Incidents to Stakeholders

Major incidents are a normal part of business, particularly for companies with a large dependency on technology and data. When major incidents happen, business processes, the ability to deliver products and services to customers and/or the ability to ensure the security and integrity of company data are often compromised. The effects of major incidents may [...]

Do You Have the Visibility to Manage Hybrid Environments or Is the Picture a Bit Cloudy?

There are very few companies today with an exclusively on-premise or purely cloud IT environment. With the proliferation of SaaS and PaaS offerings providing the innovative features business users desire in addition to the need for on-premise connectivity to end-user devices, hybrid IT environments are the norm for modern businesses. For IT departments tasked with [...]