Managing Risk – Default Passwords

It’s common knowledge default passwords are a security risk – especially when the same password is built into hardware from a vendor. Most companies are diligent about changing default passwords as a part of the device-provisioning process, but failure to take this critical step for even a single device can lead to disastrous consequences.

The US and UK governments recently issued a warning that foreign governments were sponsoring cyberattacks aimed at exploiting the vulnerability default passwords create in network infrastructure. This isn’t an isolated occurrence – devices with default passwords are an easy target for hackers since they can then authenticate malicious code and unauthorized devices, thus penetrating your company’s IT environment without your knowledge until it is too late.

Fortunately, this is a vulnerability your IT staff can easily identify with […]

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Five Ways To Improve Major Incident Management

Major incidents are a big deal. They are the crisis situations that have widespread impacts on your employees, disrupt your operations and impact your ability to deliver on customer expectations. While you may assume your company is prepared for when a major incident strikes, assuming is not a strategy for success when the stakes are this high. You need knowledgeable and trained staff members who know what must be done, equipped with the tools and resources to do their job effectively and efficiently.

Every company has a plan for Major Incident Management. It may be as simple as “bring together a bunch of very smart people who are able to investigate and determine what is occurring” or it may be a sophisticated set of processes, decision structures and protocols. If you don’t […]

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Virima Technologies Announces Cost-Effective Discovery and Service Mapping Options for ServiceNow™

Atlanta (PRWeb) May 07, 2018

Using the ServiceNow Applications Programming Interface (API) Virima has developed multiple integrations for the bidirectional exchange of Configuration Item (CI) data. ServiceNow customers now have a lower cost option with increased capabilities.

Virima Technologies today announced the general availability of integrations with the leading service management platform ServiceNow. Virima now provides multiple options for bi-directional exchange of CI data via the ServiceNow API to support the following processes:

Virima Discovery to ServiceNow CMDB – Virima’s agentless and client-based Discovery provides detailed hardware and software attributes for a wide range of asset types which can be automatically moved to ServiceNow Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB). This ensures that the information within ServiceNow CMDB is maintained for accuracy and completeness so that it can be leveraged […]

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IT Configuration Data – Pretty Pictures or Actionable Insights?

IT Service Management and Configuration Management Databases (CMDB) have been around for a long time and most companies have been loading them with configuration data for years.  But how much value are you really receiving from the data you are amassing?  Is your IT configuration data only giving you pretty pictures… or is it generating actionable insights?

The purpose of IT configuration management and IT data management in general is providing trustworthy insights that enable informed decision making.  It’s not about how much data you have, it’s about what you use it for.  IT configuration data is essentially a raw material that needs to be refined and combined with other things to be transformed into understandable information and actionable insights.  Like most raw materials, their real value isn’t exposed until the transformation […]

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Are You Confident Your Security Patches Are the Latest Versions?

Every day, the information-security community is identifying new threats, new software bugs and other security vulnerabilities that put your company at risk from Denial of Service Attacks, malware, unauthorized access to sensitive data and other hazards. To protect your systems, data and operations from these threats, it is essential security patches and vendor-recommended fixes be applied as soon as they become available. Each day that passes without these security mechanisms in place increases the likelihood that your company will be targeted. Are you confident your security patches are the latest versions?

The Risk is Real

Unpatched security vulnerabilities provide highly visible targets to hackers and other individuals and organizations with malicious intent. The risk isn’t just to the device with outdated security patches, but also your entire IT environment. A single security vulnerability […]

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